North Korea’s new sharp-maker – The sister of the dictator launched their first KriseUm head of state, Kim Jong-un, it is just strangely quiet. His younger sister, Kim Yo-jong is the voice of the newly-inflamed hostility with South Korea.Thomas Hahn from Tokio4 Kommentare4Vornehmen pallor and slim figure: Kim Yo-acts jong how to be a counter-figure of your voluminous, clumsy-looking brother Kim Jong-un, the heavy smoker and a diabetic.Photo: Jorge Silva (Reuters)

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is strangely silent. His younger sister, Kim Yo-jong is the voice of the newly-inflamed hostility between the Communist Regime and the democratic South of the Korean Peninsula. It has announced the blowing up of the joint liaison offices in the border city of Kaesong. It covers vaccinations South Korea’s government in the state media repeated the allegations and dam. It is a Demonstration of their growing. And one with a high symbolic content.

In February 2018, Kim Yo-jong is still the face of the approach. At the time, her brother sent her to the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Kim Yo-jong was already commissioned its Propaganda, and managed to make the dictatorship for the first Time was on a world stage sympathetic. She smiled, shook the Hand of the South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, left behind a message of friendship. It was followed by far-reaching agreements with the South, the first Meeting of Kim Jong-us US President, Donald Trump, the opening of the office for inter-Korean exchange. A thaw after decades of Frost.

“I have the feeling that it is high time to break with the South.”

Kim Yo jong

in the Past. North Korea is frustrated, because the better relationship with the South has not brought any economic benefits. The dialogue with the United States failed in February 2019 in Hanoi, as Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s nuclear disarmament, just wanted to let against the lifting of all international sanctions. Kim Yo-jong, who was in the peace negotiations on the side of her brother, seemed to have only then, once the favor is playful and was not to be seen for weeks. In June of 2019, she returned back into the spotlight. Now, Kim Yo-jong is the sharp-maker. “I have the feeling that it is high time to break with the South,” she said at last.

In the entourage of the brother: Kim Yo-jong will meet at the 26. February 2019 in Vietnam, where Kim Jong-un, US President, Donald Trump will meet. The dialogue failed.Photo: Imago/Kyodo News

your powerful performances fall in a time in which North Korea is actually not powerful. The Coronavirus is a particular threat to the poor health system of the country. In addition, there is still speculation about the health of Kim Jong-un, because this appearance for weeks, only occasionally open to the public. Kim Yo-jong leads in this Situation, the word that many interpret as, that she would succeed Kim Jong-un, if this would have to assign due to health reasons. With her noble paleness and lean form, it appears to be to be counter-figure to the voluminous, clumsy-looking brother who is a heavy smoker and a diabetic.

In Bern to school> Who is she exactly gone as the brother

head behind the cult of personality of Kim Jong-un

her father, Ex-head of state, Kim Jong-il, said in 2002 to foreign interlocutors that his youngest daughter was interested in politics. It has proven itself as a subservient companion in the System, and was early on the side of the young, initially not undisputed heir, Kim Jong-un. In 2017, this called you for the first time in the powerful Politburo of the workers ‘ party. She’s supposed to be the brains behind the cult of personality of Kim Jong-un. You know how to influence word and picture to the masses.

this is Why some experts also believe that you could actually come out on top. The old party cadres are not accustomed to women in positions of leadership, and certainly not young women. Also, the people in the country are likely to grumble. But if Kim Yo-jong could be your success and your people bond well staged, the rise. That you would not be a soft head of state, proves you just.

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