You only have to count one and one together, to dream of the future. Particularly as the East Frisian province of small entrepreneurs, some with expansion plans. Only a branch in Lübeck to open, then the group’s subsidiaries aim for in New York, Tokyo, and Bad Oldesloe. The staff efficient schools. A new product range with unique feature to offer. Is died, but is buried in a carbon-neutral? . Why should Schwanitz will be on the Baltic sea, not to Pionierort in terms of “Sustainable” bury? Where there is an unusually high number of deaths, since the vet Hauke Jacobs (Hinnerk Schönemann), the Ortspolizistin Lona Vogt (Henny Reents) when Determining support? Enough practice material is available. The alerten grave-digger, Mr Töteberg (as Stephan A. Tölle), and wife Bleckmann (Regine Hentschel), just need to find with the help of the all-purpose merchant Mehmet Ösker (Cem-Ali Gültekin) acquired a metal detector for just that vein of gold, of the in the Church books in the 18th century. Century is reported to the speech.

the gold rush in the sleepy, but of all sorts of nutty types populated Maritime Schwanitz! That the death that came to the victim of a Raubmords has gold dust on the body, speaks for itself and for the vein of gold, find the people in the seventh episode of “North by North West” (book by Holger Karsten Schmidt, directed by Christian Theede, camera Martin Bad). Soon the farmers fight on the field to your Claim, miss the jealous amber traders Jan Schneider (Christoph Tomanek) and his wife Petra (Cornelia Dörr) trust even more and visited a veterinary nurse Jule Christiansen (Marleen Lohse) for the first Time since the baptism of the Church, supposedly for the purposes of local historical research.

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this Time the criminal case, the author of the screenplay Holger Karsten Schmidt serves up some of his staff is of average interest. Suspect there are plenty of from the dentist to the Bundesliga football talent, the interviews also illuminate the one or the other of the human abyss. The entertainment income of “Gold!” is based on the outdated unique sympathy of the author for his characters. Since the first episode, “captain Hook” (2014) became the laconic Hauke Jacobs always chatty and accessible, the chatterbox Jule Christiansen is turning less and COP Lona Vogt job as a can-do woman in the service of convincing. Corny jokes and slapstick were shifted to the idiosyncratic minor characters, where the oddities are in bloom, while the delicately planted erotic triangle constellation Hauke–Jule–Lona grows well and thrives. In “Gold!” one learns the history of Jacobs, the name is actually different, and undercover for the LKA worked before him five years ago, the leniency protection according to Schwanitz. According to his testimony against members of organized crime, he could return to the sea the back.