Liberalised drug shipping – No unnecessary trips to the pharmacy morein contrast to countries such as Germany-free drugs in Switzerland shipping prescription prohibited. That’s about to change. Even the pharmacies are now in favour of liberalisation. Holger Alich0 comment traveling really necessary? To buy a Pain and over-the-counter pain relievers, customers need to visit today is a pharmacy or drugstore.Photo: Christian Beutler (Keystone)

Who wants to increase its in-house pharmacy-prescription drugs, such as Voltaren or Ibuprofen, must be in a pharmacy or chemist to go. The online purchase of these is prohibited in Switzerland.

This prohibition on the Shipment of non-prescription medicines threatens in the Corona to have a crisis, but side effects. Because it forces the elderly and patients with pre-existing conditions, to buy a pain the house ointment to leave.

The online pharmacy Zur Rose the shipping is over-the-counter means of prohibition has long been a thorn in the eye. The company had asked the Federal Council and the Federal office of public health due to the Corona-crisis to an exemption – but with a collection taken. “Thanks to the help provided by family members” was to ensure the supply, writes the Federal office for justification.

pharmacies give Opposition to

But now comes a movement in the matter. The inpatient pharmacies are working on a concept, over-the-counter agents may be distributed as in the Corona-crisis, online, without compromising patient protection. The Details are still a work in progress, it is called from the pharmacy Association, the pharmaceutical Suisse.

In addition, a fundamental law liberalisation in shipping prescription drugs. For this purpose, the Federal office for health is currently examining on behalf of the Federal Council, whether the shipping of non-prescription medicines, the prohibition on time to.

“drugs in a local pharmacy as well as online order and get home delivered, is today a legitimate concern.”

spokeswoman for the pharmacy Association Pharma Suisse,

The report wants to present to the Federal government in the coming year. All Stakeholders – from the manufacturers through patient safety organizations to politicians – are in favour of the principle of liberalisation. Even the pharmacy Association Pharma Suisse has abandoned its fundamental opposition.

“to be able to medicines in a local pharmacy as well as online ordering and home to receive, is today a legitimate concern,” says a Pharma Suisse spokeswoman. “Pharma Suisse seeks to work actively with all market participants to the legal solutions, with the provisions for the protection of patients safety of the therapeutic products act agree.”

sticking point is the advice

This position is for the Parties to consensus: “If Online pharmacies the evidence of a consultation to make sure, speaking from my point of view, nothing against it, to allow the transit of non-prescription medicines,” says, for example, the Aargauer CVP national councillor Ruth Humbel, President of the national Council’s health Commission. According to their estimation, there was in Parliament a majority in favour of liberalisation “if the health is respected”.

in Contrast, the legislature in the last Revision of the therapeutic products act, which took effect until the beginning of 2019 in force is refused, a form of liberalisation. The law generally prohibits the shipping of medicinal products, unless there is a medical prescription and a proper guidance is ensured. No one goes to the doctor to get a prescription for non-prescription headache pills give who wants to buy the customer may only stock.

it is Particularly bizarre that it is legal, to order such prescription drugs in foreign Online pharmacy and can be delivered to Switzerland.

Pharma Suisse, however, is the fact that the dispensing of a drug, a specialist advice is necessary. How this can be ensured in Online delivery of over-the-counter products, the the major line of Conflict is likely to be the case of a possible liberalisation.

“It need not be always a personal conversation. The disadvantage of Online sales is therefore justified.”

Daniel Tapernoux, Swiss patient organisation,

the patient representatives on this point see surprisingly relaxed. “The quality of the advice in the inpatient pharmacies is of very different quality,” says Daniel Tapernoux, member of the Executive Board of the Swiss patients ‘ organisation. “It must not always be a personal conversation. The disadvantage of Online sales is therefore justified.” He can imagine that the expert advice on safe chat, Online questionnaires, or by phone can be made.

in Front of each order fill out a questionnaire

The Rose suggests, the ordering process, such as in the case of prescription products to handle. “Prior to each order a customer has to fill in a questionnaire with information of the health status and the administration of other drugs,” says Walter Hess, Switzerland-the head of The Rose.

The System automatically checks whether there are any dangerous interactions with the ordered products and previously ordered drugs. “After there are abnormalities in the questionnaire, or the interaction of control, so ask one of our pharmaceutical assistant, or pharmacist the customer,” says Hess.

Voltaren to buy online is convenient for patients. For the pharmacies, it comes to a lot of money: The market for prescription drugs is a billion francs difficult. And the fight is not over yet for a long time.

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