More than 6,500 followers, is ‘Roi Philippe, King Philippe on Facebook, with a profile that’s very, very hard to try to get to the home page of our monarch-to-be like you. “None of the members of the royal family, but it has its own official facebook account,” says the palace, which is the profile that has been reported to be in The best Interest of the province of Limburg. “The one and only official Facebookkanaal of our royal house is called the BeMonarchie.”

The founders of the site, two of the enthusiastic fans of the royal family, have been able to say that is of no harm to be aware of. “We’ll share it simply to have nice photos and videos of king Philip, and his or her family. Though I have to admit that our name is likely to cause confusion. Perhaps we should more prominently point out that we are not the official page, is it?”
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