for example, If the Flemish government, before the debate on Friday is not with the budgetary figures are on the up, come president, Liesbeth Homans (N-VA), the debate and the vote of confidence in drawing it out. That is to say, all opposition parties in Green, the SP.A-and the LABOUR party, in a joint press release.

at That, the prime minister, Jan Jambon will be no budgetary figures will be releasing it, put bad blood with the opposition political parties in the Flemish Parliament. In the absence of figures to make a debate, and a vote of confidence in almost impossible, ” they say in unison.

The left-wing opposition, let not one of them. “It is for parliament and for the Flemish people have the right to transparency and debate,” said Green party leader Björn Rzoska. “The government has the numbers. That is, it is us yesterday, and confirmed at the meeting of the leaders. But there is obviously a reason as to why they didn’t want to share it with the parliament. Maybe it’s joe Ham is afraid to see the numbers to release?”, fill in the SP.A deputy Conner From it. “As a government, that of its numbers is not releasing, something to hide,” says LABOUR party leader Jos D’haese.

Postponement of a debate

The three left-wing parties have, therefore, for president, Liesbeth Homans called for in order to get the numbers. The answer, of Homans, is that there won’t be. “The rules of procedure of the parliament stipulates that, in the budget, such as those in Europe, need to be sent prior to October 7, to discuss must be presented. But if the budget’s going to be distributed,” say the three parties.

The appeal of Green POLICIES.A-and the LABOUR party in government is clear: to come before the european parliament on Friday the figures. Otherwise, it must be chairman of the Homans to the debate, and the vote of confidence in the government, but it is delayed. “In this way, the Flemish government, after its early start again, and end up getting in with an open mind and in a constructive manner to the debate by members of parliament”, what it sounds like.

on Wednesday, showed Homans of understand that they, too, will find that the resolution is entitled” on the figures. “It was about the content, discuss the issue on Friday, but if you want to evaluate, then you have a budget to know,” said Homans.

More about john Ham and difference budgetary data is not to claim that: “It is your group the freedom to determine the agenda of the plenary session, to fit in” political sciences focus for the Flemish government, without any figures, They are worth the effort, not in the keeping up appearances” “Ham, the hand of the opposition. It is not the most important problem out of the way, after the distribution of the we are against such,” The puzzle of fit at last: who was who in the new government Ham?