On a traffic Board on the Pontchartrain Causeway North of New Orleans stand in bright glowing letters, what the Fans thought in the city. “We were robbed” (We were robbed) was to be read at the entrance to the famous bridge to a spontaneous reprogramming, the bitter From the Saints after a Blackout in the semi-finals of the NFL to have an impact. Again, the leaders of the billion-dollar Football-professional League must provide a discussion of your referee. Yet you still pull the heads, there is no opinion to the terrible wrong decision, by which the Saints after their defeat against the Los Angeles Rams (23:26 n. V.) to the collection in the 53. The Super Bowl will feel cheated.

It’s League boss Roger Goodell is not much else left to apologize for. Clearly the scene was, as Nickell Robey-Coleman at 1:wegrammte 45 minutes rest time Saints Receiver Tommy white Lewis, before he could catch the Ball. A forbidden “Pass Interference”, but the video evidence was not allowed according to the rule book. Who’s going to understand? New Orleans would need to get six Yards in front of the end zone with a new first attempt, and thus when the score was 20:20 all the cards in the Hand. But the men in Black and White kept the Rams alive. The Rest is history.

This could, however, be rewritten. Commissioner Goodell is likely to revise the results or a replay schedule – Saints-Pro Michael Thomas knows that. “Rule 17, section 2, article 3,” tweeted the Receiver, and to put a little later: “Hey Roger, pick up the phone”. It is not going to happen, the damage is already enormous. Incomprehension, anger, scorn, in the case of the reactions. And the bird’s-Hulk Hogan shot. The Wrestling legend-mounted a picture of yourself in the crucial scene, the flying Hogan to skin Lewis with the feet. “No Flag, Brother. Ha Ha“ without them. A flag throwing referee for rule violations – usually, anyway.

Not even two weeks before the Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, the NFL has a side-show. And the topic will remain hot for a long time. The highly acclaimed video proof was not possible, the big Problem is. The decision to stand, although (almost) all of them had seen that she was wrong. A rule change will be discussed in the League but according to US media report on it soon. “No Team should be deprived of the opportunity to reach an endgame (or simply a win) because of the actions or the inaction of those who should be on the field for Fairness and equal opportunity,” said Saints owner Gayle Benson in a statement. She wanted to put pressure on the NFL, because the Team and Fans had been deprived of “unfair”.

Saints coach Sean Payton will continue to report to word. “We have so much technology. I’m on the competition Committee, as a result, I will hopefully have a voice,” said Payton: “Hopefully, no other Team has to lose as we do.” The NFL quickly saw great evil coming. The referee team led by Bill Vinovich was moved after the game, according to media reports in a different Hotel.