the New Zealand disastrous from the mosque attacks, the accused man has unexpectedly pleaded guilty to all the crimes of which he is accused, told the police.

the 29-year-old australian man has admitted the 51 murders, 40 attempted murder and terrorist act of participation. He confessed via video link from prison, Auckland the session, which had been put up in christchurch at breakneck speed.

a change of Mind was a u-turn, because previously he has denied all the charges. The mosque-shooting the trial was scheduled to begin in early June. An australian man has been corona virus pandemic due to the exceptionally tight in isolation, writes the Sydney Morning Herald (switch to another service).

White supremacist

a Man was attacked in march last year, two of the mosque Friday prayer time in christchurch, and killed dozens of people.

the Shooter is a self-described themselves as a white supremacist follower and announced the attacks in the context of extreme right-wing and anti-islamic manifesto. He sent a blow straight to the internet facebook’s Live service. Try to tighten the shot after the direct network broadcasting rules.

after the Attack the New Zealand tighten gun. Nation shocked by the massacre also led to the fact that a large number of people to give up voluntarily its weapons as part of their buy-back programs. Its purpose is to dispose of semi-automatic firearms throughout the country.

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in New Zealand the terrorist attacks, two in mosque shooting – 28-year-old australian man got a murder charge blood work

Sources: AFP

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