The measles virus affects “cells” of the immune system, leaving patients at and sometimes even to several years after infection, much bevattelijker for use in other disease states. This is clear from the new Dutch and american research in that breaking News post.

Researchers working at the Amsterdam UNIVERSITY medical centre and the Wellcome Sanger Institute in Cambridge came to this conclusion. They used blood samples from 77 children who had not been vaccinated, and the virus got in.

the results, published Friday in the scientific journal Science, reveals that the measles virus in 11 to 73% of all antibodies wegvaagt. The measles virus, which has so great an influence on the immune system.

The researchers found that the particular “memory cells” should be deleted. Which cells in the body to have a yeast infection and used later, to create a new infection to deal with. Due to the measles virus, many of these cells “know”, the body has the diseases are less of a good fight.

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