New Streaming program – theatre between cucumber and MayonnaiseDie Gessnerallee makes digital theatre. And calls to a contradiction. A few tips for the trip to the theater online.Stefan Busz1 Kommentar1Online-theatre is cool: a tribute to a refrigerator.Mars Travel Agency

The call came via Email. Therein it was said: “Sit in the kitchen, put on the headphones and immerse yourself in a world in between the cucumber, Mayonnaise and infinite buzz kidnap.” What kind of world is this? It is the theatre today. In the kitchen it is.

the Schauspielhaus with “the Decalogue” (actress Alicia Aumüller buk a cake) , so the Theater Neumarkt makes it with the “52 Hertz” (you lay there on the kitchen floor). The Gessner Allee joins the Streaming-theatre in the kitchen: “Fridge” of Mars Travel Agency in the prelude to the new Online program was, it is a musical tribute to the refrigerator.

Now, to long as you don’t want to stay in this theatre kitchen, at some point the audience may not see the fridge anymore. So the theaterhaus gessnerallee continues on to an exclusive Streaming program, for example, with James Leadbitter aka the Vacuum Cleaner.

As the folk song lonely

The British activist and artist, the London police of “dangerous” is called, has invited colleagues from his industry to a conference with a “to current challenges, what are the Covid-19 is for many marginalized people and communities”. is The project is called “With For About 2020” and asks for 20. May creative Ways out of the Narrowness of the present.

In June, the project “The contradiction then. A folk song” in the virtual theatre Studio in the Gessnerallee Premiere. The Collective a New sense of urgency and Kursk have to deal with the question of how art can be appropriated by the policy. An example of this in your lesson in the University of tübingen’s folk-song composer Friedrich Silcher (“Loreley,” “The Good comrade”), which the Nazis have erected a monument.

Lonely the people has now become a song. 21. May have to get the piece on the stage of the pandemic, messed up the concept. Now is searched “in Isolation to the forms of common political thought and action”. By Zoom the great.

With For About A slow conference for a fast-unfolding crisis. Weekly presentations, Performances, and provocations. from Mi 20. May, 15: 30 to 17. June

The opposition A lonely folk song, the Mi 3. to 5. June, free admission, registration at:

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