Hong Kong’s autonomy under threat – The EU condemned China only zurückhaltendDie EU foreign Ministers are “deeply concerned”, but want to no penalties.Matthias Kolb Brüssel0 comment is aiming for a counter-model to the US policy of sanctions: President Xi Jinping wants to meet in September with the heads of state and government of the EU.Photo: Keystone

While the US increase pressure on China in the Hong Kong crisis and punitive measures are threatening, has not aggravated, the European Union, your tone towards Beijing significantly. The foreign Ministers of the 27 member States, deliberated on Friday about the new security law, which had been decided by the Chinese national people’s Congress on the previous day, and expressed in a statement its “deep concern” about it. This decision point, China will “in question, comply with its international obligations”.

sanctions not an issue

the topic will discuss the upcoming talks with China, said the EU foreign representative, Josep Borrell then. Sanctions would not, however, out of the question. The Spaniard had not declared on Tuesday in the EU Parliament that “sanctions were not the solution to our problems with China”.

For this Friday, US President, Donald Trump had announced a press conference to China. Economic adviser Larry Kudlow wants to call Beijing “to account”. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo is convinced that Beijing circumcise with the security law of Hong Kong’s autonomy is so strong that the special status as a financial is not justified course any longer. So far, the United States will not treat the city of Commerce as Autonomous, which is why for you about punitive tariffs apply.

How much Beijing is trying to play with the Europeans, showed an exchange of blows before the EU foreign Ministers ‘ meeting. China sent a communication on a telephone conversation of Minister of foreign Affairs Wang Yi with Emmanuel Bonne, a consultant of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. Accordingly, Bonne explained that Paris had “no intention of interfering in Hong Kong Affairs”. The Elysée voice: Bonne have, of course, the EU Position is repeated, which emphasizes the principle of “One country, two systems”. Behind the formula is the requirement that the special status of Hong Kong and the sanctity of are in Taiwan for the European policy elementary is.

Meeting with EU foreign Ministers in September

The special attention of China, but also in the United States now falls on Germany, which takes over in July, the presidency of the Council of the EU and its China policy to the centre of the foreign policy initiatives. For September, a summit of President Obama is scheduled to Xi Jinping, the heads of state and government of the EU in Leipzig. There should actually be a counter-model to the US sanctions policy is negotiated. Berlin has taken over with Paris, the word leadership in the relations with Beijing and is looking for Ways, barriers to trade, questions the transparency of the state’s influence and Market access in negotiations to solve. It was necessary, as the EU is “United and to put closed to the table to discuss even the most unpleasant issues with each other,” refused, the German foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, a rejection of the Leipzig summit.

The Federal government sees the angry reaction of the US government is put under pressure and fear, to be in a conflict with China-driven. It was too early to make a final line, because first of all, the copy of the law should be observed, was the name of it. A Chance for talks, the German-Chinese government consultations to take place before the summer break.

British passports

The British government as a former colonial-a kind of guarantor of power in Hong Kong for the validity of the transfer agreements, introduced on Friday, the makers of a British overseas passport in prospect can permanently in the UK life. After the Handover of the crown colony of British overseas issued passports in Hong Kong. Beijing has threatened counter-measures.

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