The CSU has tightened up after the beating attack of four refugees on passers-by in the Bavarian town of Amberg your claim to facilitate the deportation of Criminals. “To consistently deter crime and criminals easier to identify and to deport, we demand that already is in the case of a conviction, to imprisonment for a term of six months for the withdrawal of the protection status of possible”, – stated in a decision by the CSU land group has adopted at their retreat in the Bavarian town of Seeon on Friday. In the a few days ago, the known design of the paper this Passage was not included.

it Also wants to use the CSU to ensure that the migration is limited to persons under the age of 45. Because they had “a realistic Chance to earn a pension above the level of the basic backup”. In addition, the state’s offenders during should, but at the latest immediately after their detention time to deport – “according to the clear principle: from the prison gate to the departure gate”.

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in addition, it was announced that the CSU land group is open to a further reduction of the unemployment contribution in the current parliamentary term. “We want to further reductions in the contributions to unemployment insurance. Social funds are not banks“, – stated in the position paper. If the reserves of the unemployment insurance increased, should be to give back to the contributors of something, it means more. At the beginning of January were a reduction in the contribution rate by 0.5 percentage points to 2.5 per cent, it should not be allowed to remain. “If the return of the unemployment insurance earnings continue to rise, must be reduced, the rate of contribution is still in this parliamentary term.”