The Scenery is similar, but the circumstances are other than a year ago, as the East German AfD had charged at the political ash Wednesday to the Eastern ore mountains. Well 1000 AfD supporters cheered at the time, Saxony-Anhalt, party leader André Poggenburg, who had offended in his speech to Turks living in Germany as a “camel driver” and “cumin Turks”. In the result, Poggenburg had to give up his office, and in the last week, he left the party for a new Foundation, which bears the abbreviation “AdP”, “awakening of German patriots”. Five days later, the AdP has loaded your trailer in a country Inn after Dohma to the East of Dresden, and like a year ago in the AfD Egbert leads Ermer through the evening. “It is great to see the hut here,” he calls out, in his spare time, with the “party band strings jump” over Land, over 100 people in the room. “Welcome, dear patriots!”

Stefan Locke

a correspondent for Saxony and Thuringia, based in Dresden.

F. A. Z.

Ermer AfD Board of Directors was in the district of Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge, preferably at Pegida and now with Poggenburg and Benjamin Przybylla who had become disenchanted as the Board of Directors in the AfD-kreisverband Zwickau with the AfD leadership, the new leadership trio of AdP, and that leaves no doubt as to where it locates itself politically: to the Right of the AfD. “Social, national, solidarity-based home party”, for an explanation on walls and posters, which reveal that the spin-off was not planned to be spontaneous, but for a long time. The AdP, according to Bernd Lucke and Frauke Petry, the third detachment of the AfD, however, the first to the right side. To justify the name validly published settles in front of the participants with the AfD Federal Executive Board. The have “the pants, if terms such as ‘people’s community’,” he calls. “Why can’t any longer in the AfD clear the text?” On Twitter, he had wanted “the fellow citizens of our national community a healthy, peaceful and Patriotic 2019”. The Federal Executive, not to avoid observation by the protection of the Constitution, so as not to alienate bourgeois voters, considered also by the national socialists coined the concept as “unacceptable choice of words” and locked the name validly published for two years for all offices within the party.