Several packets of biscuits marketed in many supermarkets in France have been the subject of a massive recall since Monday, June 27.

The cause ? The potential presence of an allergen not mentioned on the labels: groundnut, more commonly known as peanut.

You would do well to check your cupboards if you are allergic: various brands are affected, and the products have been sold since April.

“Like any allergy, it is to be taken very seriously because the ingestion of peanuts, even in trace amounts, can cause anaphylactic shock and lead to death”, explains Medisite.

When you are allergic to peanuts, certain products must be avoided, specifies the specialized site, such as for example:

If you shop at one of these brands, be careful, you may have recently purchased one of the lots currently being recalled:

In the businesses concerned, you have until August 31 to report the offending products: you will then be able to benefit from an exchange or a refund.

In our slideshow, discover all the packages of cookies that are the subject of this recall.