New government in Pristina – Kosovo remains a hijacked States the old forces come together and take back the Power. Behind the change of government, a rabid U.S. envoy stands.Enver Robelli1 Kommentar1Entspricht the image of an opportunistic Apparatchiks: Avdullah Hoti, Kosovo’s new head of government.Photo: AFP

last autumn, many Kosovars have experienced a political spring. In the parliamentary elections on may 6. October supported a large majority of young, fresh forces. The strongest party of the left movement Vetevendosje (VV) of Albin Kurti, has been closely followed by the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), which took Vjosa Osmani as the top candidate. Kurti was chosen after lengthy coalition talks with the LDK Prime Minister, the Ottoman Empire took over the office of the President.

Now, the Kosovars are experiencing a political autumn in the spring. The government of Prime Kurti was overthrown in mid-March, by a motion of censure of the LDK and of the Opposition, since he was only acting in the office. And since Wednesday, the Balkan country has a new government. Kurtis, a former coalition partner has taken a front exchange. As the second-strongest force the LDK ruled together with two small parties, the left of the rebel army, or UCK, and as corrupt apply.

As the voice magnet miss

was only able to secure with great difficulty, the 61 necessary votes in the 120-member Parliament. The government depends on the votes of the so-called Serbian list, of a direct Belgrade-controlled party. The new Prime Minister, the Economist Avdullah Hoti from the LDK, which corresponds to the image of the opportunistic Apparatchiks is. The popular Deputy leader of the LDK, Vjosa Osmani, was booted after the elections of the old guard in cold blood out. The lawyer, a staunch opponent of the state decomposing clientele system, it was only in need of a voice magnetic miss.

the trigger of the dispute that led to the overthrow of Kurtis Cabinet, was the question of the correct handling of the Corona-crisis. The LDK and the head of state Hashim Thaci demanded the proclamation of a state of emergency. In this case, the autocrat Thaci had received special powers. In contrast, Kurti fought back and dismissed the Minister of the interior, without consulting the coalition partners LDK arrange. That was not the only error of the Kurti. Western diplomats, who are well-disposed towards Kurti probably accuse him of, he was often unwilling or unable to build bridges and win the trust of the coalition partners. Also his penchant for populism is not unproblematic.

the most of the European ambassadors were Still in Pristina with Kurtis work. His government has made since her election at the beginning of February serious with the fight against corruption in the state enterprises. An attempt was made to recruit unbiased and qualified officials for the state service. In addition, Kurti and health Minister controlled Vitia Arben the country passable by the pandemic.

The role of the US envoy

The case of the government, however, is primarily a result of the power struggle between Kurti and President Thaci. This is the capture of the state since the Declaration of independence in 2008. In the past two years, he promoted, together with the Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic, the idea of a territorial exchange. Kurti rejected border changes. Also influential EU States such as Germany have rejected such plans.

The U.S. government disclaims, however, new boundaries are not explicit. In order to achieve, at least in the Balkans is a foreign policy success, US President, Donald Trump appointed his close associates Richard Grenell as special envoy for the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. Grenell was, until recently, the U.S. Ambassador in Berlin. During the recent power struggle the Trump-mate was on the overthrow of the government, and made no secret of the fact that Washington was a man in Pristina, the head of state Thaci.

Kurti was not ready to be a rotten Deal by a wave. Thaci, however, certainly are willing to compromise – also for personal reasons. He is considered to be vulnerable to blackmail, since a special Tribunal based in The Hague against him for war crimes is determined. The EU was caught off guard by the US activism, it acts rather in a panic. The Spanish EU chief diplomat Josep Borrell, whose Land Kosovo is not acknowledged, shows understanding for boundary changes – the EU special envoy Miroslav Lajcak to contradict it.

The new Kosovar government has promised, you’ll be the ultimate claim of the United States, and unconditionally, all of the punitive tariffs on Serbian products to cancel, so that the dialogue with Belgrade can start. As the facilitator wants to bring besides the USA, also the EU into the game. For the first time since the war in Kosovo at the end of the 1990s, there is no coordinated and common strategy of the USA and EU in the Balkans.

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