New football spread documentation – “are Ibuprofen like Smarties”, The ARD-doping editorial on shows in their latest Film, how far will the pain spread in the German football. It’s not long, only the professionals who take several times a day tablets.0 Comment painkillers are administered to soccer during the games: Here is a game of the English League One. Photo:

It is spoken little or not at all. Because It is normal. Before the Training, before the game, morning, noon, and evening. To the consequences? No-one thinks that. There is only one goal: on Saturday on the pitch.

The ARD-documentation “dig in the pill,” shows how widely used painkillers in the German football. “It is not a topic that makes it,” says Jonas Hummels, brother of Borussia Dortmund defender Mats. “Distributed Ibuprofen like Smarties,” says Neven Subotic, two-time champion with Dortmund. There are two of the few professional footballers, which are also reflected in front of the camera to the subject.

“You can tell me nine times: You’re taking too much painkillers, don’t do it! I listen to nine times.”

Jonas Hummels

“Of the Clubs there are to my Knowledge, no great work of enlightenment, because they are also under pressure to get the player as quickly as possible fit,” says Subotic. The professional speaks of a System “is simply a transfer of pressure”: “The there to the Next, to the Next and the Next. And at the end of the most of the pressure that has the most to lose has.”

pain numb, inflammation, fight. “You can tell me nine times: You’re taking too much painkillers, don’t do it! I listen to nine times,” says Jonas Hummels until 2016 at the 3. League in Unterhaching played. Also, Dani Schahin, who was, among others, at Fortuna Düsseldorf, is active and last summer, his career finished, as revealed in the ARD documentary: “The last three, four years, nothing actually went without painkillers.”

money plays a bigger role than medical reason

Toni Graf-Baumann criticises for many years, this alarming abuse, which also includes the preventive use of funds. “Because you run up against walls,” said the Ex-Advisor of world Federation Fifa and a member of the Anti-Doping Commission of the German football Federation. “Because of the money, the sponsors, the escalating salaries and the media also play a much greater role for the sports federations as the medical reason.”

This has not changed in the past few years. Because the problem is not new. Already in 2008, the former Fifa head doctor Jiri Dvorak told the “Sunday newspaper”: “It is simply taken too much.” In 2012, a study was published which investigated the analgesic use during the world Cup 2010. The frightening finding: 39 percent of all players took before each batch of painkillers.

“is Shocking, what is not prohibited in the Amateur football

pain happens” to take funds, in the Sport and is not on the prohibited list the world Anti-Doping Agency. The means to satisfy two criteria that speak for an inclusion in the list. “The criteria of performance enhancement and health hazards are met”, said Hans Geyer, a biochemist in Doping analysis laboratory in Cologne, Germany. “In my opinion, it contradicts the ethics of sport, if you can only drive with painkillers Sport.”

But how does the ARD-documentary shows, it’s not just the professional area. A non-representative survey on the use of Pain killers in Amateur football under 1142 football players of Correctiv shows that it is not necessarily the big money plays a role. Of the respondents, 47 percent said to attack multiple times in a season pain means; 21 percent attended once per month or more often.

“what is Shocking is that it happens in Amateur football,” said DFB President Fritz Keller of the ARD. “I knew the Problem, but the preventive to take, is just stupidity.” He now wishes to create over the associations and the coaches to raise the awareness. Because of the Sport in the Amateur area is intended “to maintain a healthy and not that broken,” Keller stressed.


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