New course: espionage as a high school subject


    If there was James Bond, he could prepare a study to better his work as 007: On Monday, the first German master’s programme for the intelligence services – under the title “Intelligence and Security Studies” (MISS) is started at the Bundeswehr University in Neubiberg, Germany and the University of the Federal public administration in the hair (both the district of Munich). The Bundeswehr University announced on Monday. The programme is set to scientifically deal with the work of the intelligence services, explained the Federal government Commissioner for the intelligence services of the Federal, state Secretary Johannes Geismann. The goal is to professionalize the intelligence and safety-related training and to promote research through the creation of specific professorships.

    Around 35 students have started this Monday with their studies – according to desSprechers the Bundeswehr University in Munich, they all work for one of the German secret services. In Germany, this is the first programme of this kind. In other countries such as the United States, Britain and France, the academic training of the news staff is already normal, the spokesman said. The aim of the two-year program, the Association of intelligence and security-related aspects, a spokesman for the Bundeswehr University said.

    The Initiative is a collaboration between the Federal Chancellery and the ministries of defence and home Affairs. Accordingly, employees of the news may be formed of the services of the Federation and the länder, together with soldiers of the military intelligence services of the armed forces.