researchers have developed a coating for Latex condoms, which is in contact with body fluid especially slippery. The coated condom popped is not rubbed according to the first Tests as good as a Condom with a lubricant, in contrast, the coating.

After a sensor test, three-quarters of the interviewed women and men said that they would prefer the coated condom. The researchers hope to increase with their development, the use of condoms and venereal diseases and unwanted pregnancies prevent.

a lubricant, the goal is to reduce the friction between the body and the Latex surface and to impart a slippery feel to it. Especially water-based lubricant, however, may be absorbed by the body, write the researchers in order to Mark Grinstaff of Boston University in the journal “Open Science”. Their effect is therefore limited in time. Also silicone-based lubricants can be rubbed off with increasing duration of use.

coating: Extremely thin and water-loving

for this reason, the researchers developed a 15 microns (thousandths of a Millimeter) thin coating, which forms a tight chemical bond with the Latex. It is a combination of 2-hydroxyethyl acrylate, benzophenone, and polyvinylpyrrolidone. The latter substance makes for the extremely smooth surface because it is hydrophilic – water-loving.

the fabric with water or body fluids in contact, he will be extremely slippery. Similar coatings Doctors today are already in catheters which must be inserted into the urethra. Even with the condoms it worked: compared to uncoated Latex of the mechanically measured friction, decreased the coefficient by about half (53 percent).

In the case of the use of water-based lubricants, the difference was 55 percent. However, one of the researchers conducted a long-term test showed, that the friction is in the use of lubricants with time, while the coated Latex even after 1000 Times back and forth rubbing changed nothing. Also, the tensile strength of the Latex had not been influenced by the coating, the researchers write.

sensor test with 13 men and 20 women

A probe revealed the test, with 13 men and 20 women, that non-Latex condoms with lubricant are in the air slicker than the coated Latex condoms. After wetting with water, the assessment was reversed, however. The humidification by vaginal secretions, the coated condom made it even more slippery.

The 33 participants in the probe tests were also asked what kind of condom would you prefer. While 73 per cent opted for the coated condom – however without it before. Of those respondents who regularly use or occasionally use condoms, said 55 percent of that coated condoms may lead you to a more frequent use. In the case of those who never use condoms, there were still 21 per cent.

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According to the study’s authors-coated condoms have the “potential to be an effective strategy to increase condom use in populations, and the often sexually-transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies occur”. However it is still unclear when the condoms could come on the market. Previously, the condoms need to, among other things, a regulatory approval from the US authorities, write to the American researchers.