New coach Bernd Storck will work with a team spirit in the Cercle Brugge If you still have trouble, you’ll get out


“The players of Cercle Brugge and have a lot of quality, but I didn’t see any special attitude. And that’s a big problem, if you can’t be successful”, said Bernd Storck Monday, during his presentation as the new coach of Cercle Brugge, the hekkensluiter in the Jupiler Pro League.

The 56-year-old German, who has a contract signed up until the end of the season, which is the successor of Fabien Mercadal. The Frenchman, who gathered only three points from ten league games with the club, starting from may 2017 to be in the hands of AS Monaco. In the Cup, Belgium, Club Brugge is eliminated by amateurclub Rebecquoise.

“I’m confident in this project. I’ve had a lot of matches Cercle Brugge are seen. The players have a lot of quality, but I didn’t see any special attitude. And that’s a big problem, if you can’t be successful,” said Storck in the Jan breydel stadium. “There is now a reset is needed, that’s what I said to the players. They have to think positive. I want to make them better, from the goalkeepers to the strikers. They need to be more competitive to be in this section and to keep it off. They need to feel at home here, many of the players are new. I am sure that it will be a success.”

Last season, Storck in Asia after a 0, 15, led the Henegouwers in the end, to the tenth place in the regular season. “I think that’s the situation at this time, when Cercle Brugge is more difficult than at that time in Asia. We now have just three points from ten games. However, I do think that the Club-players, better football and on the mat you can bring it. They should be easy to play”, added the former Dutch national team coach of Kazakhstan, and the Ukraine. “The players are told that they need to follow. I don’t trust them, and that they should trust me. The new players need to be able to identify themselves with their new situation at the Club. We are giving these young players a chance, they will have to take it. The team is of the utmost importance. If you still have trouble, you’ll take out of it. In Asia it was the team spirit is fantastic.”

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In hopes of getting a contract with a club for extended Storck of his contract this past summer, not in Asia. Nevertheless, it caught on any other team, allowing the germans up to now, no work was done. Storck, however, had no sense of that time period by default. “I don’t look back into the past. I’ve had a chance to show what I can do. I had a great time in Asia, but in that period of time ended on June 30. I’m in the Belgian league, or follow it, and am glad to be back.”

“Storck”, it will work with the technical staff of the Mercadal, though, that he’s a wizard, and a fysiektrainer with it. Director, Vincent Goemaere, it is confident that Storck is the right man in the right place. “We are now in the last, that is definitely not what we want,” said Goemaere. “With this coach, we can target a course to a successful conclusion. His vision coincides with that of the Club.”

President Frans Schotte was due to the other obligations in default, let’s go to the press conference. Also, athletic director, and François Vitali was out of the office. According to the managing director, Oleg Petrov, who is from france to Bruges, had come down, goes to Vitaly through a difficult and emotional time. “He’s got a little bit of time to think things through. We are waiting for his decision”, said Petrov, who have left a record that is Monaco, Club Brugge will have to continue to support them, even in the event of relegation.

now, to start on Sunday Storck, on his Study experience with a ” home at brussels south Charleroi airport.

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