The Online video store Netflix winds to explain why they blocked a Comedy Show, in the sharp criticism of Saudi Arabia and crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman is practiced in the Gulf state. It is support, Yes, artistic freedom around the world, but it had now been a “valid legal request”, it said in a statement.

Netflix bends so the will of Saudi Arabia, but at the same time, as a proponent of values. The company but can’t have it both ways, and it would be more honest to say: “We have principles, but to be able to in a country to do business, we throw you over Board.”

compromise of the do-gooder

it has maneuvered The events surrounding the Netflix Show, underscore, once again, the ethical Dilemma, in which the American technology industry Arabia, is, with a view to Saudi-and in the you see the eye itself. Companies such as transportation service Uber or the office of mediator Wework have accepted billions in investments from Saudi Arabia. Elon Musk thought about it, to leave a in the meantime, the planned withdrawal of the electric car manufacturer Tesla from the Saudis Finance. The self-declared do-gooders at the Silicon Valley can be quite a compromise if it serves your financial interests.