the Supermarket chain “Carrefour” would be a take-over bid and consider it on its arch-rival Casino, and as a message to the French BFM business, according to several anonymous sources. If the acquisition of it is I have a supermarktreus as well as a new market leader in the country.

According to the sources, would make Choice of a aandelenbod consider in between 4 to 4.2 billion euros. That may have to be built up with extra cash.

the Casino’s operations in France, the various supermarket chains such as Monoprix and Leader Price. That will do, as long as the major shareholders in the Casino < / i> (which includes the holding company, Rallye, ed.) find themselves in financial difficulties. Earlier this year, the parents have protection from creditors. There is a period of transition to a schuldsaneringsplan to work with.

The proportion of a Casino in the past few months, with a quarter of the increase, making the company a 4.8 billion euro’s worth. According to a BFM, it is not intended that the Choice of a hostile bid submission.

The retaillandschap of France, it is very competitive, and so it would be more of consolidation will be very welcome by the businesses in the sector. The owners of that Choice are, inter alia, LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault, the Brazilian businessman Abilio Diniz, the family Mill, the owner of Galeries Lafayette.
More about the Choice 55.6 million euros, Carrefour Belgium, Carrefour Belgium, suffered last year, nearly 56 million loss in Farm have been recalled, bio-eggs, hold the Bio-eggs have been recalled due to the exceedance of dioxins