Nearly 400 FedEx parcels were found in Alabama woods after being dumped.


Authorities are trying to determine why so many boxes were left in a ravine.

Alabama’s sheriff is investigating how FedEx packages hundreds of times ended up in the woods.

According to the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, approximately 300-400 packages of different sizes were found in a ravine close to Hayden on Wednesday.

Sheriff Mark Moon stated that deputies were sent to protect the area until FedEx workers arrived to collect the packages. Moon stated that FedEx sent several trucks and drivers from the South to load the packages.

Photos taken by the sheriff on Facebook show the packages lying in the forest, stacked at the base of a hillside.

Natasha Abney stated to WBMA-TV, that her neighbor had found the boxes on their property.

Abney stated, “It was just a river full of boxes.” “Some were broken open, others not.”

The sheriff stated that it was not clear why the packages were found in the ravine but that he would like to know more soon.

FedEx, based in Memphis, Tennessee, stated that “the security of our customers’ shipments is a priority and we are dedicated to treating our customers’ packages with the greatest care.”

The company stated that it was taking all necessary steps to retrieve and transport the affected packages as soon as possible. “In addition to cooperating law enforcement, the company is conducting a review and will take appropriate action.”

The location where the packages were discovered is approximately 30 miles (48 km) north of Birmingham.