The Washington Wizards have won the “London Game” of the North American Basketball professional League NBA. The table eleventh in the Eastern Conference prevailed thanks to a strong final spurt 101:100 13. The New York Knicks. Before the last quarter of the exciting game, which was the case for the Wizards formally as a home game, the Knicks 89:77. After an open exchange of blows in the final minutes of Washington decided the game in the last second. Thomas Bryant scored the decisive last points after a Pass from Guard Bradley Beal, the self-a total of 26 points, nine Rebounds, four Assists. However, he was also a seven-Turnover.

The Knicks had travelled without their Center Enes Kanter to London. The Turkish-born professional had not made the trip to the UK in fear of his life with. Kanter is afraid that he could be killed outside of North America because of its criticism of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. NBA chief Adam Silver had previously expressed his understanding for the decision. “It is regrettable that Enes is here. But I absolutely understand why he has decided not to come,“ he said before the duel with the Knicks against the Wizards. Kanter had written in a guest article in the “Washington Post” that he could be kidnapped in England, “slightly different from Turkish agents, or killed.” According to media reports in the country, the Turkish government demands that made it possible delivery. In addition, the player should be put on the wanted list of Interpol. He receives due to his political stance according to their own statements, repeated death threats. After 2017, the Turkish state has been deprived of the citizenship, however, is the Zurich-born Kanter stateless. He has close ties to the Gülen movement, which is made by Erdogan for the coup attempt in 2016, responsible. 2021 would be Kanter of American citizens.