“An art of living in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudity in common, with the aim of respecting oneself, others and the environment”. This is the official definition of naturism adopted in 1974 during a congress held in Cap d’Agde.

You will understand: this philosophy goes beyond the simple fact of swimming without a swimsuit, and therefore does not evaporate at the end of the summer.

But what do naturists do in winter, when the temperatures plummet? Julien Claudè-Pénégry, spokesperson for the Association of Naturists of Paris (ANP) and co-author of Voir la France tout nu (ed. Hachette Tourisme), reveals to Planet the underside of naturism in the cold.

From the outset, the naturist activist leaves no room for doubt: “It’s an art of living that is not limited to sunny days. It’s a daily practice, a state of mind with values of equality and acceptance of the person in his difference”, he insists.

In addition, it must be remembered that naturism is not reduced to nudity, far from it. It is also about respecting the seasons, in particular through the consumption of fruits and vegetables appropriate to the time of year.

“Nudists are the first to live in osmosis and in communion with nature, they are ecologists before their time”, affirms Julien Claudè-Pénégry.

“Very often, being a naturist means getting rid of the social trappings of clothing as soon as you get home,” explains the ANP spokesperson. When it’s cold, it’s out of the question to heat your home more than necessary: ​​”Since we live permanently in the nude, the body has reappropriated what makes the body a receptacle of heat and cold, and it regulates itself. If we need to cover ourselves fully, we will do it”, he continues.

If winter is not the ideal season for lounging naked on the sand, what do naturists do in winter?

Joining naturist clubs or associations allows enthusiasts to benefit from slots at the swimming pool, the gym… And even to attend classes given by teachers, in yoga, weight training or even gymnastics. “Nudity has a certain strength, it puts everyone on an equal footing and it’s interesting to see your body working, especially on breathing, when you play sports”, articulates Julien Claudè-Pénégry.

There are also hikes that welcome the less cautious naturists to take advantage of the invigorating side of nature and the air. “There are even some naturists who ski naked!”, reports the naturist activist.

At the museum, the theater or the hammam, naturists also have the opportunity to relax and cultivate themselves naked…

“We also have theaters that open their doors to performances with a naturist audience. It’s an audience like any other,” he notes. The same goes for museums, such as the Maillol Museum in Paris, which is organizing three days open to naturists on November 10, 11 and 17, 2022 on the occasion of the Hyperrealism exhibition.

Finally, evenings and balneotherapy sessions punctuate the winter of naturists…

In winter, naturist structures offer their followers spa and balneotherapy outings, in France but also in neighboring countries such as Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. In addition, Julien Claudè-Pénégry reminds that winter does not stop some naturists who wish to take a dip. “When a beach is naturist, you will always have, especially when the weather is good, naturists who go swimming,” he explains.

The author is also a producer of “Beautiful Skin” evenings, 100% naturist clubbing evenings where followers gather to dance. “One Friday a month, I meet Parisian naturists in a club from midnight to six in the morning to dance, laugh, create links… There are also body painting activities, DJ sets , artistic shootings … It’s fun, a real experience”, comments the spokesperson for the ANP.

Julien Claudè-Pénégry ends our interview by recalling that naturism being an art of life, its followers do not refrain from doing anything naked. “Winter doesn’t change anything, except that it’s a little colder!”, he concludes.