“National security in danger” report: Trump asked Xi according to Bolton’s tell-all book about re-election hilfedie “Washington Post” want to know from John Bolton’s non-public book, that the U.S. President, China’s head of state Xi Jinping to help his re-election, asked to have.0 comment it’s a question of: U.S. President Donald Trump and China’s head of state Xi Jinping at a Meeting in Washington, wash.Photo: Keystone

The former national security Advisor of the United States, John Bolton, accused President Donald Trump in a newspaper that, China’s head of state Xi Jinping to help in the re-election asked. This was done at a Meeting behind closed doors in June 2019, was quoted by the “Washington Post” on Wednesday from an unpublished tell-all book Boltons. Trump to China’s economic power “and Xi begged, his victory sure,” it was said. “He stressed the importance of farmers and increase in Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat for the outcome of the election”, is Bolton cited more. Opinions of Bolton, the U.S. government and China to the newspaper report were not available initially.

Trump fired Bolton in September. Whose tell-all book “The Room Where It Happened” at 23. June appear. The US government tried to prevent publication on the grounds that it contained confidential information and could endanger the national security. The publisher Simon and Schuster said, however, the government wanted to prevent the publication of because you consider the book as a “not flattering to the President”.

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