Andreas Wolff wanted to leave the field of play, the “Jyske Bank Box”, as the order of service began, behind him to clean up. Namely, since the fresh white towels were on the chairs for the Finale of this football world Cup. Wolff, the most ambitious German player, sat there like one who has missed the last Bus home. Talking to himself, shook his head, stamped his feet, as he experiences the game just once. “We have brought us through our own folly to the medal,” said Wolff, “it was just bitter. We play in the last seconds of a Hara-Kiri-Pass, rather than the thing to play down.“

Handball-world Cup in 2019, All of the games at a Glance

With at the end of fluttering nerves, the German Team in the game, it was eliminated by France with 25:26. Cleverness, however, was throughout the whole tournament not a German virtue. This fourth place felt like a lousy consolation prize, because the team of national coach Christian Prokop failed to reward themselves for a good first half (13:9), yet the hard fighting of the final stage brought her something: Nikola Karabatics goal by counterattack in the last second, the Germans allowed first of all the joy of an all-in-all, a successful world Cup to forget.

frustration from the clothes

It’s shaken voice half an hour after the final whistle for Prokop to find with all the frustration of the right words for the experience. “I’m proud of this team. It was an intense time, and there are a lot of impressions. Up on the end result of the world Cup is gone as well as we have dreamed of. But today, we would have been evening on the podium. I am to my coaching staff grateful, and I will toast with the coaches on what we have created. This now needs to be sustainability filled. We need to go to this world Cup in the clubs. From this we have learned from 2007,“ said the national coach.

It would be in addition to the perfect Organisation of the German handball Federation (DHB) the result of Prokop and the team, not basketball quickly disappear from the Agenda. How fast everything can go, you could feel it on Sunday in Herning. The 25:25 of the first round in Berlin against France, years seemed to return. So the world Cup offers-density experiences. That game with the late equaliser, the Frenchman had placed next to the victory against Brazil, the Foundation for the further way through the tournament.

Impressive how Prokop’s players shook off the frustration of the semi-final defeat against Norway on Friday from the clothes, and now have a good first half laid. Well, the rear stand is stable with a long ordinary course of Andreas Wolff, the front of it was shaky, it was faulty, but what was the use and sake, were the German Max in this tenth game since 10. January. The 13:9 interval lead seemed to be a good basis for the third place. In the second round, but France played a slightly more structured, defended something offensive, that was enough to bring the German out of step. Prokop’s Team defended passionately, but missed the reward.

the German handball players left disappointed with the Arena and went later to the small town of Herning in a steak house, to make the world Cup jointly in the evening. At least once the Germans were the Co-hosts approximated, otherwise Germany had its event, and the Danes had held their. For upcoming big tournaments in Handball, which will take place in two or even three countries, this was never a genuine partnership not a role model. DHB Vice President Bob Hanning had put it at the weekend, half in jest, that the Finale had been in the Jutland Heath, the “only errors” that have allowed the world Federation President Hassan Moustafa – in the case of the Danish Organizers was very different, of course, the “Jyske Bank Box” but as the most intimate Arena in the country. In addition, the site offers a Greenfield enough space for a large fan zone.