Between Natalie Portman and France, it’s a story that lasts. Born to an Israeli father and an American mother, she owes her name to the famous song Nathalie popularized by Gilbert Bécaud in 1964. “My father loved this song, and so he called me Natalie”, she said. affirmed against Laurent Delahousse in 2016 in Le 20 Heures on France 2.

However, it is another French personality who will allow Natalie Portman to make a name for herself in the seventh art. In 1994, director Luc Besson gave her her first role in his film Léon where she played Mathilda, a young girl who befriends a hitman played by French actor Jean Reno. An incredible success that propels the 13-year-old actress into the spotlight.

Multiplying roles in successful films like Mars Attack, Star Wars, V for Vendetta and Jackie, Natalie Portman won a multitude of awards thanks to the film Black Swan, which elevated her to the rank of Hollywood star. To embody the character of the ballerina Nina Sayers, the actress is helped by the French dancer choreographer Benjamin Millepied. A meeting on the set that turned into a love story.

“It was like in a movie. She was cute, it was impossible not to succumb”, admitted the director of the dance of the ballet of the Opera, according to his remarks relayed by Purepeople. From their union, the couple married in 2012 are the parents of a boy, Aleph (born in 2010) and a girl, Amalia (born in 2014), forming a close-knit duo. “What we want with Natalie is really to be together all the time. (…) I don’t want to miss anything. Being there means a lot to me. I’m with her all the time “.

The Franco-American couple may not know it, but they have a famous cousin who is none other than the journalist Christophe Beaugrand. An anecdote noted by the ex-host of Secret Story in 2016 for Paris Match. “In fact, my mum is the big cousin of Benjamin Millepied’s mum, who is Natalie’s husband! But I don’t know them at all: we haven’t seen them in the family for 30 years…”, confesses- he to our confreres admitting. “It’s a bit far-fetched but it would have made a great secret.”

In the absence of knowing if the three stars had the opportunity to meet, Natalie Portman keeps a special tie in Paris where she lives with her family. “I feel more and more Parisian. I wear darker colors, but in the end of course, it’s always interesting to be a foreigner in a changing place”, she said on France 2 at the JT. The opportunity to retrace his career with the most beautiful looks: here are pictures of his physical evolution.