the N-VA will send a delegation to the official ceremony on the occasion of the eighteenth anniversary of the princess Elizabeth. That is found in our newspaper, from a reliable source. The flemish prime minister, Jan Jambon, and of his ministers, Zuhal Demir, Ben Weyts, and Matthias Diependaele had been invited to the royal palace, but they will send you to their lives. The royal family is complete, and that was a long time ago.

the Princess Elizabeth is 18. From then on, you can – in theory, anyway, and had not been to be. Therefore, to organize king Philippe and queen Mathilde of belgium, an official ceremony for the first of four children.

in order For that ceremony to be held at the royal palace, the most important politicians of the country are invited to attend. Among others, prime minister Charles Michel, and the parlementsvoorzitters, and Sabine Laruelle, Patrick Dewael, just as in the ministers of the federal government, and current affairs.

State of nature

The new Flemish government, as represented by CD&V) ministers and Hilde Crevits, Wouter Beke, and, Benjamin, It, and Open VLD, co-workers, Bart Somers, and Lydia Smith. Interestingly enough, there were no seats are reserved for the N-VA ministers.

“The palace was very friendly, we were actually invited to”, learn how to inquire, on an N-VA members. “We are, however, plenty of start-up, and have a lot of work. And in this state of nature, of course, not to push.”

So, no, the Flemish minister-president, Jan Jambon, and ministers, Zuhal Demir, Ben Weyts, and Matthias Diependaele, at the royal palace. Unlike its Walloon counterpart, Elio Di Rupo is also the Flemish president, Liesbeth Homans does not.

One of the other N-VA, the source says, is the collective absence of any partijbeslissing it is. “It’s going to be here for a private event. Of every excellence, and was able to individually decide whether or not to go ahead. We think it’s all the same, as it turns out, now.”

Council of ministers-hour early.

The ceremony, which is broadcast live on television, will begin on Friday, at 11 o’clock. All the members of the Flemish government to have their agenda changed accordingly. The council of ministers, which is the traditional 10 a.m. start on Friday morning, an hour early, so that everyone who wants to go at the same time, you can leave. The N-VA,-excellencies have decided not to do so.

The royal family, will be playing in it. Parents, king Philippe and queen Mathilde of belgium, the brothers Gabriel and Emmanuel and a sister, Eléonore, can, of course, not to be missed. Elizabeth may, moreover, rely on the presence of her grandparents both on the father’s side, king Albert ii and queen Paola. And her grandmother on mother’s side, Anne-Marie, the widow of count Patrick d’Udekem d’Acoz.

Also, aunt Astrid, (an uncle Now, and uncle Laurent, and with aunt Claire) will be there. Just like the peter Amadeo, the son of Astrid and Lorenz. It’s been a long time since the royals are still together, were after all family.

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all The members of the royal family – queen Fabiola, issued an appeal – to the succession to the throne in 2013. (Photo: Photo News

Eighty-peers of the same age are allowed on Friday in their fanciest clothes to get the sound on the eighteenth birthday of Elisabeth of Belgium. The princess wants her generation to be a voice for them.

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