Mysterious case in Hamburg – He ordered bread at the bakery from his back, a knife In Hamburg, stood a 23-year-old Vietnamese from an Unknown has been attacked. But the young man noticed them, apparently, nothing: In a bakery, he ordered shortly thereafter, still rolls. 0 Comment critically injured: The 23-year-old Vietnamese felt according to own data up to the last, but no pain. Photo: Sebastian Peters (Imago Images/blue-light-News)

How much pain endures of the person to be insane? Apparently, more than one would expect. At least this man: A 23-year-old Vietnamese, since one and a half years living in Hamburg, working as a chef in a Vietnamese Restaurant. He had not felt the knife that was stuck there on that day, inches deep in his back, not at all, said the Affected compared to the “mirror”.

images from photographers and from a surveillance camera from a Hamburg bakery prove what sounds like a bad joke: The handle of the knife and a piece of the blade sticking from his back as he bent over to the seller of a bakery to order a bun. “I was pretty shocked. My employee has almost cried,” said the head of the bakery in retrospect his experiences with the news station RTL.

“I was lucky”

The fact is dated back to the 15. In may of this year. On the day in question he was visiting a nail salon, where haircuts were offered, explains the 23-Year-old the “mirror”. He must, however, wait for, be he went to a bakery. On the way to him I stopped by a friend who asked him to a man. This was, however, unknown, so he went back towards the bakery. Suddenly, he felt something on his back, “a thud”, as he described to the newspaper. Unaware, he continued, apparently on his way.

the young man has heard little of it, it could be due to the stress hormone adrenaline. His body is likely to have distributed after the attack, so much of the pain-suppressing hormone that he could at least be enjoyed for some time, despite life – threatening injuries on his errands.

In the bakery, the customer made it to the knife carefully, advised him to sit down before he fainted. Police and rescuers brought the man with life-threatening injuries to the hospital, where the knife was taken out through surgery. “I was lucky,” said the 23-Year-old. He is right: The young man had, apparently, injuries to the chest, the diaphragm and the liver, such as a doctor’s letter shows, according to the “mirror”.

The Hamburg police took a Suspect to be provisionally fixed, the “had been encountered in the vicinity”, as you wrote in a media release in may. This has according to the “threatened with mirror” six hours after the attack on the Vietnamese yet another Person. Apparently, it was the man not to have known the 23-year-old at the request of his well-Known. The suspect, a 33-Year-old is now in custody. The Vietnamese protested against the newspaper, to have no idea why he had been attacked.


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