Musk, Bezos, Zuckerberg and Dorsey in the Clinch intimate enemies in the Silicon ValleyJe mighty Facebook, Google, or Amazon, the rougher their bosses to go with each other. The Reasons For This.Walter Niederberger, San Fransisco0 comment Tesla chief Elon Musk, together with Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Jack Dorsey under a multi-print that provides your position in the market in question. Photos: Getty, Keystone

rivals they had always been, the technology pioneers in Silicon Valley. Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper, Oracle against Salesforce, Facebook against Twitter, Amazon against many, and Tesla against seemingly all. Nevertheless, the intensity of the spiteful amazed the last few weeks.

employees of Facebook, Google, and Amazon are asking their leaders for more social responsibility and full equality. At the same time, politicians threaten them with stricter regulations and even of a group-division: interventions are likely to reduce their profitability. Wall street also expects each quarter of top results, because the flagging Tech giant would slow down the stock market. Ultimately, the elections in November are a risk: it Remains as it is, so bosses such as Zuckerberg, are likely to back even closer to Trump, while rivals such as Jack Dorsey and Jeff Bezos are looking for the distance.

The conflict between Facebook Emperor Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, as well as Tesla Boss Elon Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos also rooster are certainly fights between oversized, super rich ego’s. Yet they are all as never before under a multi-print that provides your position in the market in question. The main points:

pressure from the Congress

All against all, to summarize Tech lobbyists the situation. But in the center the fear of standing for all their immense collections of data to unlimited yields. “Even though they are all in the same boat, so you would cut yourself, if necessary, each other’s throat,” summarizes a Republican Lobbyist in the political magazine “The Hill”. “The Only thing you share is the fear of a tougher data privacy.”

In the US Congress, a majority in favour of a tough approach to Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social media features. To fear the most Zuckerberg, which may explain why he attacked Twitter CEO Dorsey, of all places, on Fox because of the latter’s attempt to control the lies of the surge of Trump.

The Elon Musk called on the Plan. He took Dorsey in protection, and settled a bill from 2016, as Zuckerberg, Musk found to have a Internet satellite of Facebook negligently destroyed. The Spacex chief contacted Zuckerberg and was its “fairly limited” knowledge. Facebook make him nervous, said Musk, dissolved his Facebook account and asked his followers to do the same.

Zuckerberg against Amazon and its employees

Zuckerberg is making even more than to his rival the growing alienation by employees. Hundreds protested in recent weeks against his refusal to put the brakes on the falsehoods of Trump. Former fellows accuse him of, even betrayal of the cause.

Similar to Trump, Zuckerberg tries to Dodge, he addresses a new battle. With digital Facebook-shop, he makes Amazon the Online business to dispute, and in accordance with industry good success of connoisseurs use this as an opportunity. This is not Jeff Bezos just. He recently announced that digital advertising business to backtrack, and the duopoly of Facebook and Google to break. Amazon is already moving on to Position three.

The dispute in All

Gruff, it’s also in space, where Bezos and Musk to live out their boyhood dreams. There is a new wave of Investment rolls up to 2024. Musk has clearly the upper hand, this is no longer the US space program without Spacex is conceivable. Whether Bezos can send his Blue Origin program again into the race, it is unclear if he is investing every year a billion dollars of his fortune on it.

the battle for the Cloud

thick orders it also goes for Cloud services, where Amazon and Microsoft have become so dominant that the US government could not work without it. Last year, succeeded to the understated Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella same a Coup special. He secured a 10-billion order from the Pentagon, the previously Amazon had. Bezos presumed to be in illegal wheeling and dealing between the President and the Pentagon; and it intends to appeal the decision.

All in the Clinch, except for Apple?

Conspicuously silent, Apple CEO Tim Cook is against it. His Aversion against Zuckerberg is known, but he held back from the recent Controversy. The Apple owners are satisfied, the shares are the highest at an all-time. The group appears to be politically much less exposed. In the case of Facebook, Amazon and Google, the expectation of the shareholders is accordingly high, and has increased the pressure on the group heads next.

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