MOSCOW the City centre, the luxury goods house Tsumin is a bit quieter than usual. All clients not yet passed.

– Nonsense, it is mere information virus. I am not at all worried about, say, clothes shopping returned Alexander , who refuses to give his last name.

in His opinion, ordinary flu has now caused a huge media stir. Shopping being suspended in the interest of even no young man, no need to, because the goods of the house, you take care of the hygiene rules.

Moscow Aleksandr believes that the corona virus is not different than any other flu viruses.Grigory Vorobjov / Yle

luxury products store that sells Tsum wants the action to signal that it cares about their clients safety. Vendors serving the branding on the face shields and the department store entrance is provided for free face protection, protective gloves and disinfectant.

many parts of protective equipment and hand desistä there is a shortage. The matter announced today, Wednesday (you move to another service) the president of Vladimir Putin the Russian federation council, the president of Valentina Matviyenko .

New infections are growing rapidly

Russian dismissive attitude coronavirus to understand, because the country’s leadership has sought this day to appease the citizens, and there have just been a threat to Russia.

it Seems that the powers that be are afraid of more of the epidemic caused by the panic than the virus itself. The sound of the weights, however, are deteriorating at the same rate, when the detected number of infections has grown.

Muscovite luxury department store Tsum to share your own sign branded face protection to their customers.Grigory Vorobjov / Yle

Today authorities reported that during the day the number of new infections nearly tripled the previous days of growth pace as compared to. Set corona infection increased from day 163 of the case and their is now a total of 658.

the vast Majority of the infected are in Moscow, but the virus is found almost throughout the country.

the epidemic’s actual spread of the situation is not known

on Tuesday one of the epidemic the fight against the leading politicians, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin gives for the first time to understand (you move to another service), that in reality the infestation is in Russia a lot of the more.

sobjanin according to identified infections in small amounts to explain the test of the low, and the authorities have an accurate picture of the epidemic scope.

the Official infection figures have raised doubts (you move to another service) for weeks. Disbelief have contributed to the confirmed beginning of the year clearly increased pneumonia diagnosis. Also the corona virus is known to cause pneumonia.

Authorities have explained the pneumonia cases increase it, that people have gravitated to the more sensitive treatment of coronal coverage is why.

Authorities information are never true, not in Russia and not elsewhere. Leaders keep information everywhere, said the mere name told the Maxim .

the corona virus seems to be for russians, the usual sensitive topic, because all the yle of a dozen Moscow centre to challenge by the Russian refused to tell the surname.

Putin spoke at last corona virus situation

president Putin commented finally the corona virus situation today in his tv speech (you move to another service). He continue to keep the situation calm.

president Vladimir Putin became acquainted with the corona hospital in Moscow on Tuesday.Alexey Druzhinin / AFP

Putin says Russia due to the geographical spread of the virus can not be completely prevented, but the state has been able and capable of systematic actions to limit its spread.

the epidemic of control why would the president declare next week for all the russians paid vacation. He presented also a set of social assistance to citizens as well as support and facilitation for businesses.

the Main message was still the constitutional reform, a referendum on the transfer later. Previously in late April, the planned vote was a fear of hitting the Russian epidemic the spike and exacerbate the spread of the disease further.

– you Know how seriously I take that, Putin said, referring to April 22. the date for the planned referendum and announced its transfer to a safer point in time.

to postpone the Vote can be seen as a sign that the Kremlin viewed the epidemic spread of a serious.

so far, the Russian ministry of defence is, however, the insured (you move to another service), that early April start of the draft are held in normal schedule. Also the military parade rehearsal for the second world war, the end of the party win for the day are continued. Victory day is intended to celebrate the impressively 9. may.

in Addition, the orthodox church is sworn to, that the easter worship service will not be cancelled corona virus.

Restrictions to combat the virus prescribed dropwise

however, the Authorities have also taken considerable action of the corona of the epidemic slowing down.

Restrictions is given in small batches and most often regionally, in order to panic mongering time to avoid. Most life is limited in Moscow.

in the Capital, for example, schools, museums, swimming pools and gyms has been injected closed already last week. The media has also been told (you move to another service), that the authorities are preparing the whole of the Moscow closing. The kremlin has denied (you move to another service) this information.

Shortly putin’s tv speech after the mayor Sergey Sobjanin said (you move to another service), that the Moscow restaurants, cafes and parks will be closed soon.

in Addition, the Moscow region is being built at breakneck speed a new infectious diseases hospital, which is to be places more than 500 coronal to the patient.

just Under two weeks ago started as a site working round the clock approximately five thousand employees. The mayor of moscow Sobjanin said on Tuesday (you move to another service), that huge-scale construction is now completed 40% and it will be completed in the near future.

Overall, the Russian health care system is described in crisis is determined by the as (you move to another service) already.

more Than 65-year-old muscovites home quarantine

from Thursday from Moscow over 65 years and other at risk residents has been ordered to home quarantine from mid-April until. A total curfew on the nearly two million city dwellers.

Muscovite Lyubov Nikolaevna told me he was staying now the order of the authorities in her home.Grigory Vorobjov / Yle

the Quarantine for the control is going to take advantage of the city already use the face to identify the video surveillance system and, where possible, also mobile phone the positioning data.

in the Media is suspect in the surveillance coverage. Currently the Russian state duma is setting out to express the momentum law (you move to another service), which a quarantine violation may be given up to three years in prison.

the Stick in addition to the offered carrot.

Moscow risk the group has promised to stay for 4 000 rubles, i.e. less than eur 50 compensation. Half of it is to be paid immediately and the other half to the quarantine ended, if the curfew is kept.

Muscovite Lyubov Nikolaevna is pleased the city from providing money and said he’d stay at home, because the authorities have so ordered. Plain front and the name of the father I will introduce myself to the pensioner to keep the situation still exaggerated.

No need to be afraid. People die more from other diseases, respirator use to Lyubov Nikolaevna said.

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