An unbalanced profile in a gruesome affair. Dahbia B., a 24-year-old homeless woman, is the prime suspect in the Lola murder case. Completely unknown to the family, she had been filmed in the company of the young 12-year-old girl by the CCTV cameras of the victim’s residence, just before her disappearance, in the afternoon of October 14.

Later on that dark day, the woman was seen by local residents who, without understanding what was happening before their eyes, witnessed strange behavior.

“We saw her go into the building, she was all alone, then she came out a little further. We saw her half an hour later with a trunk, she was talking a bit with everyone, she looked a little crazy”, says one of them to BFMTV, while ensuring that there was nothing to suggest that the body of the child was in this trunk.

“She was carrying around with the trunk, she even left it in front of the cafe, she went across to the bakery to buy a croissant as if nothing had happened,” he testifies.

Main suspect in this case, Dahbia B should be heard this Monday, October 17, 2022 by an investigating judge for an indictment. A friend of his should meet the same fate today. Aged about forty, he is suspected of having helped transport the trunk containing the body of the child.

For the time being, if the investigation is progressing, the motive for the murder is not yet certain. The first thesis mentioned by the police was organ trafficking…

As part of the investigation into the murder of Lola, a judicial investigation was opened on Monday, October 17 for the counts of “murder of a minor under the age of 15 in connection with a rape committed with acts of torture and barbarism” , “rape of a 15-year-old minor with acts of torture and barbarism”, and “concealment of a corpse”, revealed the Paris prosecutor’s office to BFMTV.

This weekend, the thesis given for the motive for the murder was that of organ trafficking. However, she no longer seems to be favored by the investigators at all and would even potentially be dismissed, our colleagues learned.

Thus, the motive is currently unknown, but the profile of the victim would seem to favor another thesis.

The suspect “looked a little crazy” according to the words of a local resident at the microphone of BFMTV. A track that is being considered by the investigators since a source close to the investigation would have confided to the Parisian that she could be suffering from “potential psychiatric disorders”. A future psychiatric assessment could thus allow the police to have more certainty on the issue.

Sunday evening, the preferred track would be that of a gratuitous and senseless murder, and therefore without a specific motive.