In the case of the murder of Justine Vayrac, whose body was found on Thursday October 27 following the confession of the main suspect, a key witness greatly facilitated the work of the investigators. The witness in question, named Théo, was present this Saturday in the nightclub where the victim spent his evening and part of the night.

He would have witnessed several interactions between Justine and Lucas L., remanded in custody at the moment, and indicted for the kidnapping, rape and murder of the young mother. The main witness told Le Figaro the story of the events of that fatal night.

Justine and Théo had known each other for a short time. The 20-year-old says he met her in October, through a mutual friend. They have since spent several evenings together.

Theo seems to be a respectable man, full of good reflexes and attentive to the well-being of his friend. When she comes to see him around 4 a.m. to ask him to go out with her for some fresh air because she is not feeling well, he follows her to the parking lot of the nightclub. He will then meet Lucas for the first time, at the entrance to the box. Justine and Lucas know each other, they laugh together. Theo then accompanies his friend, who vomits, and then goes with her to her car, where she intended to rest a little. Lucas follows them, and says he wants to rest as well, asking Theo to come back in an hour.

When he leaves Lucas and Justine alone in the parking lot, he sends a message to a friend in common, making sure that they know each other well, and that he is not abandoning his friend to a unknown. She confirms the information, and Theo then takes an additional precaution which will prove crucial for the arrest of the main suspect: he asks her for her telephone number, which he obtains immediately.

40 minutes later, Theo comes out of the nightclub to check on his friend’s well-being. When he arrives in the parking lot, he locates Justine’s car, but Justine and Lucas are nowhere to be found. It is then 4:40 in the morning.

The young man will then persist and try to get in touch with Lucas to find the trace of his friend…

At 5 a.m., Theo calls Lucas, who answers him, claiming to have left without Justine and to have left her in his car. During a second call a few minutes later, Theo asks for the suspect’s address because he and his friends want to go and make sure Justine is not there. He replies that he is busy, and that he will text her shortly.

An SMS exchange follows, during which Theo reiterates his request, but runs into a wall. Lucas writes in his last message: “I have other things to do than think about your drunk friend”. Around 6:20 a.m., the suspect contacted Theo again by telephone, telling him that he had managed to reach Justine and that she had joined a certain Noé. This is the last exchange between the two men.

Afterwards, Theo says he remembers certain details of the evening that send shivers down your spine…

First, he recounts the fact that one of the members of their group of friends would have seen Lucas giving a glass of champagne to Justine. The latter would have complained to him that his drink had a strange taste, following which he offered to exchange. Theo then finishes the last quarter of the famous glass of champagne, but says that he felt no effect afterwards.

Another revealing memory, he says that Justine repeated, while she was vomiting, that someone had certainly put something in her drink… Lucas, then present, would have retorted: “You are vomiting what we are throwing at you. put in the glass”. Doubts hover over the fact that Justine was drugged during that night… An element that the autopsy, scheduled for the next few days, should shed light on.