On the night of October 22 to 23, 2022, Justine Vayrac, a 20-year-old young woman, disappeared around 4 a.m. at the exit of the nightclub, La Charrett e, in Brive-la-Gaillarde in Corrèze.

Her mysterious disappearance quickly alerted her relatives, she who is the mother of a little Gabin, aged two and a half. Last Thursday, a man named Lucas L. was taken into custody in connection with the case. The latter had been designated by Theo, an acquaintance of the victim, as the last person to have been seen at his side. At the end of the day, this young dairy cow breeder and member of his village’s festival committee admitted to having “killed the victim when they were both at his home” in Beynac, revealed prosecutor Baptiste Procher. He also claims to have had “consensual sexual intercourse, he says he punched Justine Vayrac, which would have resulted in death”.

Subsequently, Lucas L. would have tried to conceal the body of the young woman using an “agricultural machine” and would also have “burned the young woman’s purse and tried to erase the traces of blood in the House”. With her confession, the body of Justine Vayrac could be found, buried on the edge of a forest located very close to her family property. In the process, he was placed in pre-trial detention after his indictment. Information was opened for “counts of rape, kidnapping without voluntary release before the 7th day and murder preceded, accompanied or followed by another crime. The penalty incurred is life imprisonment”, revealed the prosecutor.

Even today, many gray areas persist. Was she drugged that night? Theo had told Le Parisien that the latter had vomited in the parking lot of the nightclub. “While we were dancing, Justine told me that her glass of champagne tasted weird. I finished her glass and handed her mine to reassure her,” he said and added that to outside she would have said to him: “I’m sure someone put something in my drink”. Only an autopsy will reveal more about the causes of his death. Back to the crime timeline, hour by hour.