anyone Who’s read Anthony Bourdains “confessions of a chef”, the self-order in the top gastronomy to the start of the week never fish and every Restaurant to avoid linking the words “Monday” and “special” on the menu. From his books, and culinary documentaries, we have learned more about the Stress in a kitchen brigade, enmity of relevant Stars, drug use and self-destruction mechanisms of the profession, as we wanted to ever know. For Bourdain, the former chef of Two-Michelin-star restaurant in New York, and world traveler and, more Keith Richards to the pan as Paul Bocuse with his life-long repeated signature soup, was a Good cook’s Roll every Time passionate devotion, Rock’n’. Bourdain has lived in the fast Lane, in June 2018, he took his own life.

“The cook is dead”, and the second case crime Commissioner Maxxie Schweiger (Fritzi Haberlandt), acts entirely in Bourdain screenplay Stefan Rogall) plagiarized (. With this edition of “a murder is always” actually, “The Saucier is should be dead”, because this is found behind the Restaurant “Waldesruh” in the waste container. Causes of death, according to coroner Dr. bull (Fabian Busch) is equal to two: a broken Neck, and a stitch with the chef’s knife in the area of masculinity.

mixed-up Terrier

The investigator does not slide while sprouts steam, but not for eating. Chef Peter Grünweg (Dirk Borchardt) and managing Director Ines Fechner (Elisabeth Baulitz), the Local home-cooked food on a plate ikebana change, every hour a well-known critic will flutter expected, the nerves. In the kitchen the knives are flying low, even in the Souschefin Julia Kindt (Cornelia Gröschel) and Mr Thomas Ross (Serkan Kaya). The waiter Pascal Kemper (Jacob Matschenz) dwells is amazed and long when looking in the round. High use, yawning Emptiness in the guest room, direct way to Bankruptcy.

Maxxie Schweiger cope is one of six Suspects, only a dishwasher Olga (Zejlka Preksavec) seems to be your innocent, because such (“our”), the Olgas are always innocent. With their own conception of logic and its peculiar idea of interpersonal closeness as a result of verbal low struggle, Schweiger, as in the first episode, “The chief is dead”, the chief inspector and supervisor Bodo Wehner (Rudolf Kowalski) unpopular, and scared prayed, but shy, Dr. bull. Maxxie Schweiger, a chatterbox, Taurus is a Tai Chi Fan, you realize the humor ambition. Fritz Haberlandt, however, Evelyn Hamann memorial medal (“Adelheid and her murderers would get it directly from us”). The never-ending Suada, the notorious trample Forward of the figure, the penchant for silly coolies and “Queen”-Songs, their self-confident imperturbability, although she goes to all the other on the clock – woman characters like Maxxie Schweiger, there are rarely on television. Rudolf Kowalski has less room than Haberlandt, accompanied by the superior figure, but at eye level. Be mimic ungerührtes Freak in places, reminiscent of Evelyn Hamann’s great sketch partner Loriot.