The state as the owner? – Mr. Gander, why do you want to nationalize the game of football?The Basel SP-cantonal Parliament and former SFL staff Thomas Gander has a crazy idea. And he explains why the Federal loan could rush the football, only even deeper in the misery.Sandro Spadini0 Comment of a new distance: the players of The Young Boys in training kick-off last Monday. What time is the Super League, is still uncertain.Picture: Anthony Anex (Keystone)

Mr Gander, you are thinking aloud about the fact that the Federal government should participate in the Clubs in professional sports. Why do you want to nationalize the game of football?

a better word than nationalize to Regulate. I think it is a mistake, if the state dealt with its funding of football clubs as businesses.


In the professional football landscape, I’m on a worrying trend: The economic success due to the Clubs further and further from your base, from your Region, by using such investments to be extended or a little local awareness of the guidance is available. But a football club lives by the emotional bond to a whole Region, with the he can about the Sport, in addition to move. That is a big difference compared to a classical company. It is a social responsibility. With a support in loans form the Federal government accelerated, but the development towards a profit orientation.

in what way?

A loan, the financial challenges of a club does not resolve in the longer term. It forces him to focus even more on generating money. Maybe that was the only way to legitimize financial aid politically, but the Approach is contrary to my understanding: A professional club is a sports club, and is committed to certain values. That’s why I would like to show you other ways to find a solution.

How, for example, that the Federal government becomes co-owner in the Clubs.

in 2008, has saved the state of the UBS, with high amounts in the pipeline by means of a mandatory convertible bond. Has redeemed, he the he but entered never, in consequence, never at UBS as a shareholder.

A loan will not solve the financial challenges of the club.

what are the advantages to arise from it for the football club?

In the case of a conversion would be from foreign capital equity, the balance sheet is credited.

But not to the regional anchoring in danger, you call for the Clubs as so essential?

so, in theory, the Federal government would not resolve then some of the co – owners, in others not-this contradiction I can. I don’t assume that the Federal government would have a concrete interest, to be co-owner, and that in front of a Boarding solutions would be sought.

In hockey is currently being discussed the question of a wage cap. At such agreements, there are concerns about fair competition.

You know working examples, for example of transparent Salary or the Salary Cap, according to the US model. I find the Considerations of the Federal government’s right to establish the support requirements, this is taxpayers ‘ money. A little pointedly, I could say to the sceptics: football, or, per se, the Sport is regulated on the field but up to go!

is another Alternative to the criticized loans you see in the Form of subsidies. A Prime Stimulus Word.

of Course, who demanded for the highly commercial professional football subsidies, makes himself vulnerable.


A subsidy, the club would not result in an economic Dilemma. Also, of course, a subsidy needs to be clear conditions attached. In this Form I see the biggest opportunity that the professional football survive the Corona of a crisis and at the same time a “healthier” way in the future can take. Subsidies in the Sport is not a sexy word for me.

The Sport is, in principle, be heavily subsidised.


Because the Sport is generally heavily subsidised. Do you think sites in the sport, the promotion of Sports or J+S-contributions. It is interesting to note that in these areas of the state in question will be weighted and placed, at the same time, however, at the level of the football professional sport, an understanding has developed, in the economic freedoms is very high. With the well-known excesses, the damage to the Sport and the football.

is the removal of the top from its base.

Exactly, the key drivers of alienation. To take advantage of the Chance now, to certain Regulatory contribute could also be a Signal to reason. Of a nationalization, we would be a long way.

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