Retirement can be a time in life when you reinvent yourself, when you want to explore unsuspected lands, or which seemed inaccessible until then. This is probably the reason that has pushed more than 1.1 million French retirees to emigrate, according to Le Petit Journal. Many countries offer visas specifically designed to attract this population: these are the so-called “non-profit” or “passive income” visas.

States pushing for the reception of foreign retirees do so because the latter represent a priori a positive contribution for the local economy. Indeed, they are driven to consumption and often go to countries where the purchasing power conferred on them by their retirement is much higher than it would be in France. In addition, the conditions of these visas are designed to minimize the potential impact of these retirees on the public sector of their host country, according to

Despite the distance with the children and grandchildren, the fear of medical care of potentially lower quality than in France, many of them left. Why ? In addition to a lower cost of living, a warmer climate and an exotic environment are the two factors that motivate retirees to leave, according to

When one wants to go into exile for a new beginning, what are the modalities of the different visas offered by the potential host countries? Planet summarizes for you the expatriation conditions for retirees in 17 countries, according to