Bruges / Damme –

A 33-year-old from Damme, in the city of Bruges criminal court to 30 months, an effective prison sentence for the abuse of her three-year-old daughter. The little girl ended up with a femur fracture, in the hospital and her statements to the nurse that the eyebrows were frown. The father of the girl who was acquitted of all charges.

“Mama does not love. Mommy’s leg is hurt. Mommy’s store.” In the words of a three-year-old girl in Damme, germany did, on the 11th of January, 2018 and that the alarm bells set off by the nursing staff of the Saint Lucas hospital in Bruges, belgium. The child was made the day before by her father to the emergency room was brought in with a femur fracture. According to the father, and the breach is the result of an accidental fall, but after the statements made by the girl who was in the trust center-child Abuse in this case. On the 30th of January, the Bruges public prosecutor in the case. And that meant that there was enough evidence for the father and his then-partner, S. V. (33) to the criminal court to-day because of child abuse.

a lot of pain

The public prosecutor’s office demanded, respectively, in three-and four-year effective prison sentence for the father and the mother, who was, at the time of the facts the police knew was drugsfeiten and intrafamiliaal violence. “Research has found that the complex breaks and the girl is not compatible with a fall. In the lead-up to an abnormal force, which is caused by a third party. The girl has a lot of pain and have been. However, according to the nurses, the mother, has little regard for her child,” said the prosecutor.

The parents, after the fact, on two occasions arrested and interrogated. They were there to be an accident, went off, and were again discharged by the magistrate. It is certain that the father is in the evening, on the facts and on two occasions the girl went to have a look as she continued to cry in her crib. For the second time, he proposed that the rift is fixed, and he went with the girl to the hospital. “He suspects that his daughter and her leg in between the bars of her crib has been reached,” said the lawyer to the father’s will. Also, the mother is not in her innocence, is always to continue to cry out. “It was an accident. I had been asking for help, because my daughter has behavior problems later.

X-box: rolled

The judge was speaking to the father on Monday, but the S. V. was given a 30-month effective prison sentence. “It was very aggressive. As the father of the girl to the car and brought the committee have an X-box out the window at him. The police also determined that she suffered from a sudden gewelduitbarstingen. This was not the normal behavior of a concerned mother, whose daughter was a break at the hospital. It also has a shocking lack of awareness of the vulnerability of young children,” according to the court, which is also referred to the earlier judgments in S. V. because of theft, breach of trust, rebellion, drugs, and numerous traffic offenses.


After the event in question, the victim and her sister were placed in an institution to be placed. The judge awarded the victim € interim compensation and damages. One expert, however, was not to be appointed because of the baby, meanwhile, does not suffer from her injuries.