This new device could save your summer. As the hot weather arrives in France, along with mosquitoes, the French are looking for ways to stay cool and avoid bites. A couple of scientists, Nathalie and François Capitaine, seem to have found the solution to overcome these two phenomena. They created a cooling mosquito net, called Mostiglass. This device, this device, which is installed in the window frames, makes it possible to block the passage of undesirables and to reduce the temperature of the air entering your home.

This transparent panel, pierced with many funnel holes, allows light and air to pass through while cooling in the room.

“It is a very well-known process from physics. The air is accelerated in the hole and the pressure decreases which lowers the temperature. At 29°C, there will be a drop of 4°C. And the hotter it will be outside, the greater the temperature difference will be,” said Nathalie Capitaine, physicist, at the microphone of France 3.

Mostiglass would also be 100% effective against tiger mosquitoes. The holes are indeed large enough to let air through, but small enough to block their passage. Here is something to spend peaceful summer nights. The marketing of these refreshing mosquito nets, adapted to the life of tomorrow, began in 2020. It is intended for communities as well as individuals.