After this weekend, there is still a sixth of customers of the failed tour operator, a flight home can be arranged. So says general manager Mark De Vriendt of the Travel Guarantee fund. Since the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook have been 12 000 people repatriated, of whom more than 500 people this past weekend.

on Saturday and Sunday, once again, hundreds of passengers on Thomas Cook’s return to Belgium to be able to turn around. In almost all cases, it is the passengers that have flights and a place to be searched, while on Saturday, two separate flights have been put in the bank. In all, this weekend, about 500 people have feedback, so the numerator is, since the bankruptcy, on the 24th of september, at 12,000 it stands.

“After tonight, still need several people to teruggevlogen to be,” says Mark De Vriendt of the Travel Guarantee fund. Travellers are now located in foreign countries, within two months, they would all travel must be completed and returned to our country are brought up.

these people are in small groups, sometimes with four or five people on a flight to be taken. Therefore, it is not the case that there are still a number of large repatriations are to be organized.

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