The Architects want to have the tax rate for those who have a house down, and heropbouwt in the whole of Flanders fell from 21 per cent to 6 per cent. Must Dehaen, president of the institute of Architects, the assumption is that more than one-half of the totaalrenovaties in Flanders, it is actually hidden away the construction of new houses to be. That’s the message that VRT the OFFICIAL.

Now that you pay for in most of the municipalities and a 21% vat on a new build and the 6% tax if you are a house renovating. Roughly speaking, it is true that more than half of the damaged property must be left in place and the area up to and doubled it. Such a scheme is often abused. People should be planning for a home renovation project, but secretly he sneaked them out of the house almost entirely, and put them in a new building, which they are, but a 6-percent tax to pay.

if you Live in the town of Oostende, Brugge, Roeselare, Kortrijk, gent, Ghent, Dendermonde, Aalst and Sint-Niklaas, Antwerp, Mechelen, Leuven, Hasselt, Genk, belgium, you can not only renovate, but also to have a house demolished and rebuilt to a reduced rate of vat at the rate of 6 per cent. The Architects want to have the control in the whole of Flanders, it is. For families with young children will be building a new home, then there is a more affordable. The government will generate more employment opportunities, because of the “formal economy” will grow in the future. Also, the climate is a win-win situation, as a whole, the new homes are a lot less energieopslorpend than a bad renovation.

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