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More of 1,000 workers of the plant in barcelona, Nissan have required this Wednesday in Madrid a “real future” with the decision of the multinational to close its factories in Catalonia, and have moved to the political groups who have delivered a manifesto against.

About 1,200 protesters, according to police sources, h an tour the central Paseo del Prado under slogans such as “Nissan is independent” or “Madrid, listen, it’s Nissan in the fight” until the Congress, where there has been the meeting with the spokesman of ERC, Gabriel Ruffian, with the “Bella Ciao”, a symbol of the anti-fascist resistance, of the fund as a declaration of intent.

Dressed in t-shirts with the slogan “#FuturoParaNissanYa “, the workers have moved on peacefully, their protests to the capital just hours after the direction of Nissan Motor Ibérica insist on to justify the closing of the industrial plants of Catalonia, in the course of the second mediation meeting convened by the Generalitat. However, the unions have insisted on check out a Record of Employment Regulation (ERE) that would be 2.525 layoffs.

secretary-general UGT, Pepe Alvarez , which has led the way along with the leader of CCOO, Unai Deaf , has asked the Government and the Generalitat, to require Nissan a change of plans to be able to sit down to negotiate “without blackmail” and “trying to find solutions.”

“we can’t wait to see how the days go by, because if it is so what you see is a solution is far more dramatic that if you now require the company to remove the record,” said Alvarez, in the time that has reminded the authorities that this is a problem in the car sector that do not “come yesterday”.

Together with workers of the plants of the free-trade Zone, Montcada i Reixac and Sant Andreu de la Barca , arrived in several buses in the early hours of the morning, have left their families, and even “colleagues” of this industry and of the subcontractors of the company.

Such is the case of Acciona Faculty Service, a provider of logistics services in the free Zone, whose employees have ported a large banner with the slogan “Triggered the fight. Future for 25,000 families” , in allusion to the total number of jobs that the decision of Nissan leaves in the air.

Lack of support

There have been criticisms in the room between rockets and firecrackers, the participants in the demonstration, which the organization raises to 1,500, also have lamented the lack of support that have been well received by the political leaders.”Where are Pablo Iglesias, Pablo Casado and Santiago Abascal? We have eaten 600 miles and here comes not out of anyone!”, he regretted the voices of a worker.

When the screams of “Pedro Sanchez, liar” began to resonate in the environment, Ruffian irrumpía the other side of the cordon of security, located a few steps from the Congress, shaking a fist in a sign of support to the protesters.

always Keeping the distance, interpersonal, and l spokesman of ERC, has been interested in the situation of Nissan , and has spoken with several members of the protests, which have made delivery of one of their t-shirts, while far away seemed to approach his teammate, Joan Capdevila.

he has Also spoken with the representatives of the workers in the plants, which in a small talk to the media you have moved your discomfort towards a reform of labour “that should be repealed as a whole” . Minutes later, a small procession, with Ruffian at the head, sewed to the inside of the Lower Chamber, where it was expected to do delivery of a manifest to the various parliamentary groups.

applause and shouts of some hook such as “pot, pot, pot, japanese the not pot” , the “spartans” of Nissan have left the vicinity, not without before to entrust himself once more to their representatives to get a political support to contribute to the effective resistance of your plants.