More money for the Swiss army – 21.1 billion without under Eder of the Council of States is the most expensive arms is a message that beckons for years, without opposition. Objection to increased investment in conventional weapons systems comes from the outside.Benjamin Gafner0 comment an Option for the new fighter aircraft for the Swiss army: The larger and more modern variant of the current F/A-18 of the air force.Photo: Valentin Flauraud (Keystone)

The Corona-crisis has brought shortcomings in the Preparedness to cope with an extraordinary situation to light. Important conclusions from a large-scale laminated safety practice in the year 2017, which included the management of a pandemic, followed by little action. Therefore, there was initially a lack of protection masks and respiratory devices.

As these events have on the current security policy? In the spatial demands from the left, army structure and equipment were, instead of military conflicts of probable threats such as pandemics.

A different answer has been given, the Council of States on Tuesday: He said a unanimous Yes to the Armenian Embassy in 2020, and the payment framework for the years 2020 to 2024, which provides more money for the army ready. Seemingly unfazed by the Corona-crisis, he follows the long before the pandemic prepared plans of the defense Department (VBS) is a step of Expanding the army, particularly in the area of defence, so the defence of military attacks. This means that every year, 1.4 percent more funding for armored vehicles and fighter jets, but also for communication systems are protected against cyber attacks, and for the personal equipment of members of the military. The Budget grows gradually from 5 to 5.9 billion Swiss francs a year.

the Background for the Council of States decision on longer-term investment. The largest Item in the procurement of new combat aircraft for six billion francs. New ground-to-air missiles (Bodluv) will cost up to two billion of taxpayers ‘ money. For the ground troops and for other military equipment additional seven billion francs are to be spent.

want to prepare for “the bad case”

the Council of States for the next four years, Approved for the time being of 21.1 billion Swiss francs. Enforced thus the opinion that the army was in such a way that you can counteract a broad risk spectrum

For those who represent the bourgeois majority opinion of Werner Salzmann (SVP, BE), Vice-President of the political-Security Commission. Salzmann, she summarizes:

“The lesson from the Corona of a crisis is that you can’t rely on the other countries. We need to make our Pension yourself. In terms of the defense capability of the means: weapons systems modernize and the bad case to prepare – on the ground and in the air.”Apart from the management of violent conflicts makes Salzmann other hazards to which Switzerland is currently ill-prepared. He means the management of large-scale, long-lasting power outages. A question mark Salzmann also behind the current economic land supply. The compulsory stocks, which were sufficient only for three months, not enough.The left sees other dangers

in Contrast, the security-political assessments of the political Left. Safety a politician, Min Li Marti (SP, ZH) summarizes these as:

“are aligned with The planned procurement in the unlikely event, with billions of investments in combat aircraft and tanks. Therefore, no other area of the Federal budget grows in the years 2014 to 2023 as strong as the defence of the country. For the military is relevant to more areas such as cyber security, critical infrastructure, disinformation campaigns, or terrorism would be.””The Corona-crisis showed that the biggest security risks today are of a military nature, but pandemics or climate change. In the case of a pandemic the health sector, the civil and population protection, as well as the civil service are important. For climate change, disaster relief for storm damage is more in the foreground. The army has proven that you can react quickly; for this kind of operations, it needs but no fighter jets or other heavy equipment.”

In a similar direction aims the assessment on the pacifist side. For you Lewin Lempert of the group for a Switzerland without an army (GSoA).

“pandemics, earthquakes or heat waves, are much more likely than a war on Swiss soil. Accordingly, Switzerland you should use your resources. The capacity to be able to, civilian threats to respond should be strengthened.””Instead, the army gets in the next few years more resources for conventional and unrealistic war scenarios. The increase in the arms budget from the current level of five billion to six billion a year to be omitted – especially in the face of the biggest economic crisis of recent Swiss history.”The largest budget item

The extra money to spend defence Minister Viola Amherd for the following areas:

fighter jets Euro fighter, one of four candidates in the competition for the replacement of the F/A-18 C/D. photo: PD

The largest budget items includes new fighter jets for up to six billion Swiss francs. In the competition, two American types (F/A-18 Super Hornet and F-35), a French aircraft (Raphale), as well as a European product from Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK (Eurofighter) are.

ground-to-air RaketenDas existing mobile air defense system Rapier is being decommissioned. Photo: PD

The Bodluv-called new ground-to-air missiles will cost up to two billion Swiss francs. The Evaluation is also. In the competition, a European and an American defense system are now.

modernization of the tanks afloat Eder armoured infantry fighting vehicle 2000 can be used until 2040.Photo: PD

438 million Swiss francs are planned for the extension of the useful life of the schützenpanzer 2000. Be replaced components for which there is no replacement. Add new cameras, computer systems, chassis reinforcement, power generators and air-conditioning systems. Also, the Leopard main battle tanks are to receive new driving and steering gear. In addition, the use of duration is to be extended from mountain tanks.

General material alder new combat boots 19. 75’000 Few of them to be bought.Photo: PD

For the procurement of General poor material, the Federal Council requested 837 million Swiss francs. 440 million francs, of which are for equipment and the demand for renewal is planned. Including systems for greater IT security, encryption, boot systems for the air force, batteries, and solar panels for the special forces, Medical supplies, as well as struggle to be found.

The Armenian Embassy in the national Council. The procurement project is likely to provide more discussion than in the small chamber.

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