Telenet is pulling the cable out of the wall. Literally, due to the increase in the digital traffic stop, the operator, in the course of the 2020’s with an analog tv, and fm radio. 360,000 customers in the flemish region, on the old-fashioned way watching tv should be forced to switch to digital services. “We’ll have to take the time to click it with my provider. The company is promising to its customers involved intensively to assist with the transition.

in Movies and tv series to stream large files to e-mail, chat, and play: the data traffic in homes and businesses is increasing every year rapidly increasing. And so it is on to the networks of incumbent telecom operators. Telenet is cut, therefore, is a button and will stop soon, and her good old-fashioned tv with cable channels. It takes up too much bandwidth, according to the service provider. “You could compare it with a car that still has some of the lanes are made available for both the horse and the cart, while in the lanes next to it, the file continues to grow. We would like to have the analog lanes of traffic, more efficient use.”

Since the introduction of digital television in the us, the country continued to be, Telenet was one of the last European operators to offer analogue tv. “We went there in 2005, aware that for as long as possible to keep up,” says Jeroen Bronselaer, marketing manager at the Provider. “Now that we are ten years later and we have to take the time. As of next year, we will have no analog tv, you have more to divide.”

older clients

as of 2005, it climbed to 90 per cent of Telenet’s customers over to digital television. They look at using a digicorder, digibox or a tv with a card’. Only about 9 per cent – equivalent to 180,000 customers, is looking even more, via a cable. The tv set is connected directly to a power outlet on the wall, and receiving a selection of about twenty radio stations. The same customers who use an analog tv with a second or third unit in your home. In total, more than 360.000-Telenet-customers – typically elderly people – will be forced to switch to a digital package.

“We know that the transition for customers is not an easy task,” says Bronselaer. “But we’re not going to take any chances. We will be customers for guidance.” Telenet is light in december and all affected customers a letter and an e-mail about the possible alternatives. It was only in the late 2020’s, the transition is used. Who will run in phases until the end of 2021. Four weeks before the connection is cut, you will receive each and every customer for additional information.

(Photo: Telenet

Older machine? Digibox for rent.

in Concrete terms, most of the people involved is difficult due to one-time the settings of their tv to match. If they keep the same channels through the digital signal. The devices which over the last nine years of which were bought, have been in a position to get that signal to to be read. Telenet has a step by step plan for 2000 different tv models in order to help its customers to enter the new setting.

the Worse news is, for anyone who is a parent device may be a digicorder or digibox have to be purchased. The first year’s rental offer of Telenet for free, and then pay the customer automatically, with the rate then in effect. To set the switch-off of analogue radio and tv to test it, start with a trial run in the region of Beringen, and Lochristi. The light, Telenet on Thursday, her clients, and that is the signal from the middle of november, it is stopped. In the beginning of march, and disappears in analog tv, it will be final.

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you can Also be served by cable radio and disappears between February and april of 2020. This is less far-reaching, since almost all the Flemish people listen to the radio via the FM antenna, the internet, or the set-top box Provider. Telenet’s customers, however, is analog want to keep listening, it gets Telenet-free FM antenna.

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