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the Slate for the Beaumont (71) has to-night, in his cell, he committed suicide. This is also confirmed by several official sources. The man was a prime suspect in the assisenproces in the City over the death of his wife.

Josée Very (64), which was established in 2009 to kill in the Fly to the Hague. The ex-kleuterjuf had five bullets in the upper body, fired with a .22 Long Rifle. They came out that Sunday night, back from a night out with her best friend and the two went out every Sunday evening for a drink in Pralientje, an ice-cream parlour, just around the corner. Immediately after the murder, said the two daughters of Beaumont, and the Very though that’s “only for the Lei, it could have done”.

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at Beaumont, and chose the end of april, to run away in the face of his first, and so, by default, was sentenced to life in prison. the , He was internationally aimed, and it was on the Most Wanted list of Belgian fugitive criminals to go. That took a couple of weeks later to be arrested in the Spanish resort of Calpe, and then he was in our country, it was sent out for delivery. Since then, he was in the prison of Hasselt.

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He signed it after its delivery, will immediately protest against this sentence, which are assisenproces had to be repeated. “My client maintains his innocence, standing by, and shall be committed to the absolution it go,” a voice said at his race as a Ringer From.

was found Dead in a cell:

Today, the fourth day of the assisenproces to take place, but, of Beaumont, was this morning found dead in his prison cell. At 5.33 pm and suggested a qualified doctor of Her hospital, the death is permanent. “Now, there is a further field of research is, as always, to have a death inside the prison. The law doctor, the criminal investigation department and the laboratory to the field. The study of the nature and cause of the death of Beaumont is running. For the sake of privacy, I do not elaborate,” according to prosecutor Patrick Boyen in the process.

With his death, to invalidate the prosecution of Beaumont. In other words, the assisenproces will be permanently discontinued. The court will then enter a judgment in the preparation for the criminal part of the case officially to an end. In January of the following year, the civil section, dealt with.

The costs of the hearing should be as good as the Belgian state is to be worn. The last assisenproces would be in accordance with The best Interest of the province of Limburg is already almost 100 000 euro have been. This is a new process, it now has a significant role to play in the.

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