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The Government rejects that go to lower the salary of public employees or suppress the extra pay. The Finance minister María Jesús Montero, has been rejected in the Commission of the bouquet in the Senate that the Executive go to proceed to remove any monthly payment extraordinary to the officials. “ opposite , just pass the equalization of salary in the security forces and bodies and we believe that public employees, particularly health care, are doing an extraordinary job”, has abounded Montero.

In the words of the minister, the fiscal plans of the Ministry pass through the increases in taxes on big corporations and high income are approved in the Budgets of 2021. Beyond that, Montero at no time referred to the creation of any other taxes that are not fees Google and Tobin this year, in addition to the taxation of green. In particular it has announced that will postpone the collection of the tax digital-to-November .

Without taxes there is every man for himself who can which is the same as saying that the fact that I was born into a family with resources will have better health, better education”, he asserted. The treasury plans to set a minimum rate of 15% in firms that bill more than twenty million and raise the income TAX to those earning more than 130,000 euros. “With the number of benefits similar to those of 2008, the corporate income tax is paying to the half,” added Montero, in reference to the deductions and bonuses of the tax.

Harmonisation of Succession and Heritage

that has repeated Montero is that the Treasury will make in 2021, a proposal of “harmonization of taxes transferred” in reference to Inheritance and Heritage. This is the way that the Treasury wants to increase the tax burden on the rich, and not with the creation of a new tax, as advocates we Can.

Alongside this, the Treasury will incorporate in the coming year “the conclusions of the reports that is doing the Airef both in racionalizacion of expenditure as in the study of the tax benefits”.