They formed one of the hottest couples of the 1990s. In 1996, the sublime Italian actress Monica Bellucci met the Frenchman Vincent Cassel on the occasion of the filming of the film The Apartment, by Gilles Mimouni. Already married to photographer Claudio Basso, the actress fell in love with her playmate. A mutual love at first sight for the actor who was 30 years old.

Then began a highly publicized idyll which materialized in a marriage in 1999. From their passionate romance two children were born: Deva Cassel, on September 12, 2004 and Léonie, on May 21, 2010. Against all odds, and after 17 years living together, the cinema lovers finally decide to end their relationship in 2013. Who of the two stars decided to divorce?

“It’s me who made the decision. But when you leave someone, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love them anymore. It means that it’s no longer possible to continue,” Monica said. Bellucci to our colleagues from Madame Figaro in 2019. During an interview with ELLE, the pretty brunette had also mentioned her couple: “We have always loved each other with respect for our feelings and we are also parting with respect. This divorce is not a war, there is nothing to reveal”, she had explained and to continue: “Our motto has always been: ‘Today we are together, tomorrow we will see.’ We stayed as a couple (…) given our acting profession and our lifestyle, it’s a real success”.

Since then, Vincent Cassel has found love in the arms of model Tina Kunakey, whom he married in August 2018. The newlyweds are parents of a daughter named Amazonia.

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