Maritza Elizabeth was describing on Facebook what don’t break a sweat in her years. The monitor is on the left, next to her baby, and a second babygezicht to see what it looks like.

“I was trying to even out of the room, to sneak out with a flashlight”, the 32-year-old mother to know about it. She saw nothing unusual. The next morning, she walked out.

in The daylight, helped with this. With friends saw that the “ghost” is actually a picture of a baby on the mattress and adorned. “It turned out that my husband had a tram to the bathroom to do as he had,” said the mother. As such, it was the location to be visible.


“I’ll still kill”, winking to the woman. In her article, it is 314.000 times and shared more than half a million are fun to do. In the comments of his fellow-countrymen of the woman’s striking, are united: all of the mothers, as well as shocked at it. It is so scary,” so what it sounds like.

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