A 36-year-old mom has given birth to a healthy baby boy, after being together for chemotherapy. “A mirakelkind. I feel truly blessed when I choose to have my child, take a look” said mum, Jade Devis herself, and now she has her son in the arms can take it. A picture of them spread very rapidly all over the world, a picture filled with hope, happiness, and love.

She was about four months pregnant, and when the Jade Devis in march of this year, this is terrible news to me. “A rare form of cancer that occurs in only 15% to 20% of the patients, ” was the verdict, after the doctors find a lump was discovered on one of her breasts.

A specialized doctor and the doctor told her that chemotherapy and the treatment, is the only way to save her life. But this was supposed to be her unborn child at risk. In the embryo, it was, in fact, may still be too young to make life-saving interventions should be considered.

Together, to fight:

But the American didn’t hesitate for a second and decided to fight for her own life and that of her child. An abortion, it was far from it. “They told me that my pregnancy is breaking down and I’ve not even had a thought of how being a mother would be. I didn’t want to allow a stranger to the fate of my child, it would control” said Devis, the local news channel KTLA.

“His heart was beating. I was the child in me feel loved. He’s fought. I had to fight. All kinds of thoughts went in my head: do I take my child to see it? I’m going to make it? What if he don’t, and I don’t?” The father had a ‘Devis’ not in touch. But still, I put them on.


it was left to The specialist cancer centre at the Loma Linda University in the U.s. state of California, the place that the battle is available as an option. Devis had breast sparing surgery is under general anesthesia and is done multiple times on her.

In July, she was to her son as a result. He was given the name of ‘Father’. The child is doing well. Up to and including november, will be the new mother of chemotherapy to endure, but the doctors are confident in the best result for you.

The image of the product and the dvd player goes on and the world around them. “To give hope to the world.”