Molecular cuisine, any (6) can be made: smoked fish house


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RECIPE: smoked fish house

fillet of Fish, depending on the state of the market: Cod, saithe, Greenland halibut made Salmon, etc.
2 TSP salt
2 TSP sugar
some glutamate
1 EL book of incense, flour
flavored pipe tobacco

cut The fillet into desired serving pieces, possibly on skewers and season with salt and sugar for about 30 minutes of pickling.

A Smoking pot with a bit of book flour, documents, and on the stove or with a blowtorch “anglimmen” until the temperature in the Smoking room of approximately 60 °C.

Then give the pipe tobacco on the smoldering chips and the abgetupften, dry fish. On low heat (max 65 °C in the Smoking room) for 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the desired intensity of Smoking.

It can be a couple of other things miträuchern, such as boiled eggs, hard cheese, Mozzarella, etc., depending on the temperature in the pot.

cold Smoking is also: With the flame-thrower chips to Smolder, smother, and food to be smoked when the lid is closed. Depending on the food to be smoked more often repeat.

Not afraid of glutamate

As you can go without Smoking pot? Quite simply, with a Wok or a older, but still robust pot in the, for example, a smaller rack to fit: Then the smoked flour is on the bottom of the pot scatters, it will either be with the gas Burner or on a very hot stove to Glow, the grid is placed in it, the food to be smoked on the grid. The temperature control must be done with a Thermometer carried out, for example, contactless infrared thermometer.

a word to the used glutamate: Who has the glutamate crystals of fear, it’s easy. Or he pellets, a more natural variation, the fish in a Brine of sugar, salt, and water, in the above, a large piece of Kombualge for three hours, soaked. In this large quantities of free glutamic acid (glutamate); it is the identical molecule.

The Homo sapiens since he cooks and fermented glutamate to. And restores it after each protein rich meal in the small intestine via pancreatic enzymes in digestion. It circulates in the blood and is required for protein formation to a high degree.

glutamate, or glutamic acid is an amino acid in each Protein for its function is necessary. Glutamate was, is, and will remain for the body not a problem.

learning effects:

Before Smoking, the water must be food-driven. Pickling with salt and sugar (ionic and polar substances) via osmotic forces (colloquially: “the Stain is beyond the food-water”). The smoke itself has two functions: the flavoring with organic acids, caramel-like scent of odorous substances (from the Cellulose) and aroma (from the wood pulp Lignin). Is long stained (overnight) and hot smoked (60 °C), can also be the preservative and antioxidant effect of the smoke used. The smoked fish are about a week in the refrigerator.

Smoking delivers great flavors and offers a longer shelf life – and is thus in the best sense of “angewandte Chemie”.