The American electric car manufacturer Tesla is asking the government of President Donald Trump in the trade dispute with China to exceptions. It is manufactured in China on-Board computer for the new sedan Model 3, according to Tesla, the “brain of the vehicle”.

this is part of a special duty of 25 per cent since August. The group divides into its not yet publicly known request to the Trump-government, the special customs in this case could harm Tesla economically. It will increase the cost and thus at the expense of profitability. Also, the American industry leader GM is affected by the trade dispute between the two largest economic powers, and warns of an escalation.

Tesla builds the imported from China on-Board computer in his work in California, Fremont in the cars. It had been found no other supplier that can fulfill the specific requirements and quickly enough and with the required number of pieces to be able to provide. A switch would have delayed the project by 18 months. In addition, it could lead to a worse quality.